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  • Quinton Goodman
  • USA

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Quinton "ImHip" Goodman is a Smash Bros. player from Fontana, California, United States. In both SSB4 and Ultimate, he went with Olimar as his main character, gaining a reputation for his performance with the character.

He competed in Genesis 3 and 6, Super Smash Sundays, 2GGT: ZeRo Saga, 2GGC: Genesis Saga, Civil War, Nairo Saga, MkLeo Saga, and Midwest Mayhem Saga, EVO 2017-2018, CenCal Standoff 2017 where they achieved 2nd place, and Highlander Con 2019 where they achieved 1st place.

You can find ImHip on Twitter and Youtube.

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