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  • Jason Lee
  • USA

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Jason "HedgeLee is a Dragon Ball FighterZ competitor from Cocoa, Florida, USA. Their main in DBFZ is YamchaHedge is also known to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.  

The earliest available record of Hedge's competitive appearance refers to CEO 2018, where they took 65th place in DBFZ and played SSBU. Lee has since been playing this DBFZ, competing at such notable events as: 

• 2018: Sunset Showdown 7/12/18, Beat the Heat! 3 (the 3rd place), Beat the Heat! 4 (the 1st place).

• 2019: Smackdown Saturday (the 2nd place), Juicy Monthly - January 26, 2019!, CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships (49th place), CEO Monthly at RGB Florida

• 2020: Juicy goes to Dreamland Hosted by CEO, JRGB FGC Night #1 and others. 

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