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  • Abe Genki
  • Geeks Pro Gaming
  • Japan

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Abe "ABEGEN" Genki is a fighting games competitor and commentator from Tokyo, Japan. Their main disciplines are Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Guilty GearBlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, as well as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Street Fighter V, where they main Nappa and Birdie, respectively.

Genki is representing team Geeks Pro Gaming in DBFZ and UMvC3. According to their personal page on the team's website, ABEGEN was in charge of live commentary of Evo Japan as well as of communications with overseas fans. 

ABEGEN is most known as one of the best UMvC3 players in Japan. Their earliest available competitive records trace back to this discipline at Capcom Cup 2013, where they took the 5th place. In 2013, Eventhubs put Genki on their list of the world's best UMvC3 players. 

Since their debut, ABEGEN has been playing a variety of disciplines, making notable appearances to such events as: 

• 2014: Evo 2014 (the 1st in CHAOS CODE), Northwest Majors VI (GGXX). 

• 2015: Manila Cup 2015

• 2016: KuwaitBattleRoyale 2016.

• 2017: AnimEVO 2017 (the 1st in CC), Evo 2017 (49th in UMvC3)CEOtaku 2017 (9th in MvCI, the 1st in CC). 

• 2018: FINAL ROUND 2018 (5th in GGXR2, 9th in DBFZ), 5th Annual PSG Classic (the 3rd in BBTAG), Evo 2018 (33rd in BBTAG, 97th in DBFZ).  

• 2019: Brussels Challenge Major Edition 2019Texas Showdown Umvc3 sidetourneyUltimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (CEO 2019 Community Tournament)CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships (13th in BBTAGGGXR2, 33rd in DBFZ), EVO UMVC3 / MVCI Side events 2019 (17th in UMvC3), Evo 2019 (65th in BBTAGDBFZ).

• 2020: EVO Japan 2020 (65th in BBTAG), EVO Japan 2020

• 2021: Fighting Tuesday OnlineICFC GGST ASIA SEASON 1 WEEK 2, and others.