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  • Chaz Pinkard
  • USA

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Chaz "Gamma" Pinkard is a Super Smash Bros. competitor from Houston, Texas, USA. Their main disciplines are Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Gamma played competitive Smash for the first time at Smash United Presents: Battlegrounds 2 (SSBWU) in 2016, where they took 17th place. They continued with SSBWU in the following years, making appearances at such events as TGC 7, TGC 8! $1000 pot bonus! Houston, Tx!, Smash United Presents: Battlegrounds 3, and Evo 2018 (361st place). 

Since 2019, Pinkard has been playing SSBU. They have taken part in TGC Returns - $1750 Pot Bonus in 2019 and Houston Tech Rodeo FGC Showcase in 2021. 

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