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  • Corey Shin
  • USA

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Corey Shin "false" is an American Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Wii U, and Brawl. Ranked 73rd on the PGR100, he has stolen sets from top contenders like 6WX, ESAM, MkLeo, and WaDi.

false founded the short-lived team ZENMA but is currently signed to SoaR. He mains Wolf in SSBU, Snake, and Wario in SSBB with Sheik and Marth in SSB4.

false often partners with NAKAT and Tweek for SSB doubles matches. He has also competed in ssbu singles and ranked 17th at Xenosaga XXIX, 33rd at Frostbite 2019, 49th at Genesis 6 and Umebura SP3, 97th at Let's Make Big Moves, and 129th at Super Smash Con 2019.

Check out false's YouTube channel here.


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