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  • Donnell Sawyer
  • USA

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Donnell "Donnell134Sawyer is a professional Tekken 7 competitor from Chicago, Illinois, USA. His main in T7 is Kazumi

"Donnell134" made their competitive debut at Counterpick: January 2018 (T7), where he took 17th place. In the following years, he played at such notable events as: 

• 2018: Chicago Gaming Coalition No. 1, Evo 2018, TEKKEN World Tour 2018 Online NA West

• 2019: ACEN Ultimate Arena Tekken 7 Tournament, COMBO BREAKER 2019, TOT Online Tournament (NA) 2, Red Bull Conquest - Chicago Qualifier, Budlight Tuesday Throwdown Eastern Qualifier #3, Budlight Tuesday Throwdown Eastern Qualifier #4

• 2020: LCEP February 2020 (the 2nd place), Training Grounds #3 - Online (the 1st place), Rise to Glory (the 2nd place), New Challengers Cyber World, Module 01(the 1st place), Fists of Fear (the 2nd place), ChicagoTekken.com Online PS4 #1 (9th place), Training Grounds #13 - Online (the 1st place), Pandamonium 2020

• 2021: Tekken 7 PS4 Weekly Tournaments January 2021 (the 2nd place), The Reversal Online #4 (4th place), Battle for the Beehive #3 (the 2nd place), The Pmattg Weekly Episode 8 (the 1st place), LUYG Dojo #1Anakin OpenEQNX Online Dojo, Stun City 62: May 31st - June 5th, 2021, Aimless Gaming|Tekken 7 PC Weekly #2 (the 1st place), and others.