• Daniel Coady
  • Canada

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Crockie is a Canadian competitive gamer who is known for specializing in Brawlhalla.

Crockie is also ranked #23 in the North American Brawlhalla Power Rankings,  usually placing Top 32 in Brawlhalla tournaments he participates in, with some of his notable achievements in events such as North America - Summer Championship 2021 2v2 (9th place), North America - Autumn Championship 2021 (17th place), North America - Mammoth Cup 2v2 (7th place), and Low Tier City Midseason Online (NA) (13th place).

Crockie usually teams up with fellow Brawlhalla player McSlammy for 2v2 events and has earned a total sum of $4,509.51 from Brawlhalla events.