• Justin Tan
  • USA

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Justin Tan, otherwise known as "ChaChaMaru," is a competitive fighting game player from the United States.

He plays Ling Xiaoyu and Josie Rizal in Tekken 7 and frequently participates in tourneys like WNF x NorCal Online.

ChaChaMaru has also competed and took 1st place at Razer SF Tekken Tournament 2017, 9th at NorCal Strongstyle 2019, 13th at Norcal Regionals 2018 & SoCal Regionals 2017, 25th at EVO 2018, and 129th at EVO Japan 2018.

At Bud Light Beer League Tekken West 3, ChaChaMaru ranked 9th with a 67% set win rate. He lost in matches against Suiken in Winners Round 3 and PhiDX in Losers Round 6.