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  • Kamil Przygodzki
  • Poland

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Kamil Przygodzki, also know as "Bati," is a Polish competitive gamer who specializes in fighting games such as Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

Bati mains King in Tekken 7 and has won matches against top contenders like Fergus and Malekith. He has competed and won 1st place at Don't Whiff, Esports Game Arena: Fight Night XL 3: Winter Edition, and Pearl Fist Tournament.

Bati also took 4th place at Tekken National Championship, 5th at Brussels Challenge Major Edition, 7th at Force Cup 3, 25th at Berlin Tekken Clash 2019 & Only The Best II, 33rd at TaKe's Dojo - Tekkenmania II, and 49th at Tekken World Tour Finals 2018.

At VSFighting 2019 in Birmingham UK, Bati ranked 17th in the Tekken event after losing to players like pekos. He also ranked 33rd in the Mortal Kombat 11 event.

You can follow Bati on Twitter and check out his live streams on Twitch


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