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  • Juan Garcia
  • USA

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Juan "Arcus" Garcia is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitor from Spring, Texas, USA. Their main in SSBU is Robin. 

Garcia began competing in Smash at Playing with Fire 12 in 2019. Since then, they have been playing SSBU at such notable events as: Dance Floor Beatdown! #1 (25th place) in singles, The Legacy Series: Party of Three (the 2nd place), The Legacy Series: One for Two (the 1st place), 2020 First Take Summer Series (the 1st place in singles), First Take Callback Weekly - S1E1 (the 2nd place), WiFN Immortal Fight Night #37, Off-Script S3E1.5 (the 1st place in singles), Houston Tech Rodeo FGC Showcase, KATS 9 (4th place), and Hyrule Colosseum

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