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AMiniassassin is a fighting games competitor from the USA. Their key discipline is Dragon Ball FighterZ, where they main Cell. They are known to play Guilty Gear: Strive

AMiniassassin made their competitive debut at The Scarlet Classic IV (DBFZ), where they took 17th place. They have since been playing DBFZ at such notable events as: 

  • 2018: CEO 2018 Fighting Game Championships (17th place), Defend The North 2018 (33rd place). 
  • 2019: CEO 2019 Fighting Game Championships (25th place), Defend The North 2019 (17th place), East Coast Throwdown 2019 (13th place). 
  • 2020: Symbiote Series S3 Week 2 (the 2nd place), Digital Havoc (3/25/2020) (the 1st place), Next Level Battle Circuit: Online Edition #20 - Dragon Ball FighterZ (the 2nd place). They have since been a regular at Next Level Battle Circuit: Online Edition, taking prize places.