• Brandon Warden
  • USA

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Brandon "a2brandon" Warden is a fighting games player from the United States who has been known to compete in titles such as Guilty Gear, Street Fighter V, and Tekken 7 among others.

a2brandon has taken part in tournaments like:

  • 2021: Counter Hit: The Return, Fall Brawl 2, Roundhouse 2021 (7th), Summer Jam 2021 (33rd in SFV).
  • 2020: Counter Hit: New Decade, New Battles!, Equalizer #4, Food, Fighters & A Farewell, Frosty Faustings XII 2020, PROVEN: COLD WAR MMXX.
  • 2019: Christmas Clash 2: Back To The Future, COMBO BREAKER 2019, Counter Hit Tournament Series: August Edition, Equalizer #1, EVO 2019, Fall Brawl, Frosty Faustings XI 2019, Ground Zero, Red Bull Conquest - Chicago Qualifier, Youmacon Battle Opera 2019 (5th).
  • 2018: EVO 2018, Frosty Faustings X 2018, Youmacon Battle Opera 2018 (7th).
  • 2017: EVO 2017.