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5ive Inches

  • Alexander Lim
  • Philippines

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Alexander Lim also known as BuLLy69 is a fighting games player from Philippines.

He is signed with PlayBook Esports, a Filipino organization that sponsors many talented players like AK and Doujin. He competed in Manilla Cup 2016 and Taipei Major 2019.

BuLLy69 is a Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 player, he is best known for participating in the Taipei Major 2019 Tournament where he ranked 129th place out of 389 entrants in the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition event.

With a set win rate of 60%, they scored dominant wins against fellow pool 3 participants Mayama and eatmykunai in the winners first and losers second rounds respectively, they also earned a win via disqualification of fellow participant kenkaoh in the losers first round while losing against Shinj0 in the losers second round and Youshikibi in the losers third round.

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