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Young_Chicuelo Wins TNS Mortal Kombat 1 #5

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Young_Chicuelo Wins TNS Mortal Kombat 1 #5
Pic Source: TampaNeverSleeps on start.gg
Raiden/Cyrax should be a good character/kameo partnership

Regular online tournaments open a chance for pro players to get prepared for bigger (and tougher) offline events. MK1 competitors certainly use this opportunity — thanks to many current leagues and esports series. TNS Mortal Kombat 1 is one of them, and its Week 5 finished recently.

May the experience of these fights help the participants to perform better at the first official Pro Kompetition tournament?

MK1 Esports | TNS #5

On the one hand, we had here a good variety of characters/kameos (unlike at 4o4 Fight Night (Sep 28) with five Mileenas in Top 8). But on the other hand, the two highest placements are taken by Raiden/Cyrax players.

Young_Chicuelo and TurkeySucks had two mirror fights. The Winners Final was very close, continuing till the last game. But in the Grand Final, Young_Chicuelo totally dominated.

Is this compensation for 2nd place at the recent 2v2 MK1 tourney Deadly Alliance? Young_Chicuelo had a good run with teammate Acorazado, but lost to the team of TheMightyUnjust / Pure.

TNS MK1 #5 Results

1. Young_Chicuelo Raiden/Cyrax
2. TurkeySucks Raiden/Cyrax
3. Hourglass_of_rain Mileena/Kung Lao
4. JustNasty Smoke/Kung Lao
5. Dyloch General Shao/Kano
5. ELCucuyFGC_ Reiko/Stryker
7. Bluelinkys Kung Lao/Goro
7. Matr!x Ashrah/Kung Lao

The world of Mortal Kombat 1 esports sure has many interesting tournaments at the moment. Stay tuned to DashFight to get info on them.

Would you like to improve your skills with Raiden? Check out a pro video guide created by Avirk for DashFight’s YouTube channel — How to Play Raiden in MK1.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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