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WUFL S1 MK11 Group B Player Picks and Tactics

Femi Famutimi
11 min

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WUFL S1 MK11 Group B Player Picks and Tactics
Who are the players that can make it out of this insane group?

If you have had a chance to look at the group arrangements and schedules for the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League, some of your reactions might go something like this: “Jeez! That’s stacked!”, “LET’S GO!”, “Oh God, Player X is going to body everyone!” or something of the sort. 

The good news is that such a reaction is totally fair as there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that the groups are stacked with some insane talent. This is the second part of a two-part series looking at the players who will be competing, the characters they might be going with, and who will make it out of the group to the play-offs. 

You can, of course, check out the first article here.

So, who’s in Group B?

Group B Players

  • Tekken Master

  • Dragon

  • Hayatei

  • Rewind 

  • DizzyTT

  • Grr

  • Biohazard

  • MK_Azerbaijan

Group B Profiles and General Info

Tekken Master


What more can be said about Tekken Master. He won the WePlay Dragon Temple tournament in pretty convincing fashion, defeating A F0xy Grampa 3-0 to take the coveted prize. Besides, he will always be remembered as being the guy who got SonicFox to take off his furry hat in that epic clip that I’m sure you’re thinking back to right now. On top of that, he also emerged as the winner of the Brasil Game Show 2019 and was very close to winning Evo in 2016. His notoriety when it comes to the counter pick is sure to serve him well in a tournament that has its fair share of character specialists. 

Main Pick

Trying to guess what character Tekken Master is going to pick is an exercise in frustration. Ever the strategist, Tekken Master is notorious for how close he plays his cards. His mastery of most of the roster means there is no character he can’t go for, and more often than not, his choice will depend on what his opponent goes for. If you put a gun to my head, though, I would say Jacqui Briggs or Sheeva

Pocket Pick

Does Tekken Master even have a secondary character? Isn’t everyone his secondary pick? Look, it was hard enough trying to guess his primary. Let’s just say his pocket pick will be everyone. 


United States of America

For most, Dragon is the second-best player in the world behind SonicFox, although some others will argue that the spot belongs to NinjaKilla. What no one can argue over is his skill in Mortal Kombat. The last couple of years haven’t seen many tournament wins for Dragon, but he has consistently placed well in tournaments, including 3rd place finishes at Final Kombat 2020 and Celtic Throwdown 2019. He also has a couple of 2nd place finishes, including at Evo 2019 and CEO 2019

Main Pick

Dragon is more or less wedded to Cetrion, and why not? She’s an impeccable zoner and causes a decent amount of damage. While most people know exactly what to expect from Dragon, it doesn’t make him any easier to stop. 

Pocket Pick

While it is improbable to see him pick any character other than Cetrion, he could opt for his Kitana, who is also very strong and allows him to vary his style and keep opponents on their toes as to what his intentions are. 



The Fujin god returns to Ukraine with revenge on his mind. At WePlay’s Dargon Temple, he took home third place but will admit that there were times he didn’t perform at the level expected from him. Since then, however, he has practiced incessantly and he must be feeling confident in his chances of advancing from the group. 

Main Pick

You can expect that someone called the ‘Fujin god’ will go for the younger sibling to Raiden. The wind god’s Whirlwind spin and flying knee are sure to come into play quite a few times in this tournament. 

Pocket Pick

Before Fujin, though, there was Erron Black, and if things start to look dicey, he could always opt for this choice to take on his opponents. 


United States of America

Rewind is such a great player, and it is so good that more people will get to see him in action. He had a very encouraging 2020 (despite that thing that affected the entire planet) with good placements in every competition he entered. However, what he’d really want will be to rewind time to 2019, where he won Celtic Throwdown beating SonicFox to clinch victory. If he comes to Ukraine with that sort of form, then there’s no stopping him. 

Main Pick

He will most likely rock his Jacqui Briggs against most opponents, and her effective anti-airs and pressure game could be a great idea to go with and get some wins and maybe make it out of the group. 

Pocket Pick

In terms of a pocket pick, we might get to see his legendary Liu Kang. This was the character he used to best SonicFox and take Celtic Throwdown in 2019, and since the character is still quite viable, this will be the logical choice as Rewind’s alternate. 


United Kingdom

Dizzy was so much fun to watch at the Dragon Temple tournament, and it’s so great to have him back again. The UK native is joined by A F0xy Grampa and VideoGamezYo and will look to ensure his country takes home the bragging rights. Make no mistake, DizzyTT has mad pedigree with strong placement all through 2019. He will look to have a good tournament, but with how stacked the group is, this will be no easy task. 

Main Pick

In terms of mains, Dizzy usually goes with one of the mother-daughter duo of Sonya or Cassie Cage. Looking at potential match-ups and the characters’ strengths, it’s likely he goes with the latter. 

Pocket Pick

Dizzy seems to be a fan of the ladies, and his character picks reflect that. If he doesn’t use Sonya or Cassie, the next logical choice going by his usual practice would be Jacqui Briggs. With her, he’d be able to counter opponents that take to the air a lot and execute a couple of choice combos to leave his assailants— dizzy.


United States of America

Grr was the sweetheart of WePlay Dragon Temple, and his exit was one of the most painful moments of the competition. However, he was a colossus in the arena showing some incredible skill with his Geras pick. His grappling abilities were a problem for all the other opponents, and it led him to an impressive 3rd place finish at Kumite In Tennessee 2020. 

Main Pick

Grr is a character specialist, and it is highly unlikely we’ll see anything other than his Geras. Much like Arnkratos, he is fiercely loyal to his pick, preferring to vary his playstyle rather than change characters. 

Pocket Pick

While Grr will almost always go with Geras, he does have a pretty decent Rambo in his pocket, which can be a problem for the opposition. This is mainly because there isn’t much knowledge about the character at the highest level. So, if Grr feels like doing something different, this is an option. 



Biohazard comes from the great white north, so the Ukrainian conditions should be no problem for him. He is an accomplished fighter who has been on the competitive scene since 2015. With great results in both Injustice 2 and Mortal Kombat X, he is yet to win a major tournament in Mortal Kombat 11. This could change with this tournament, and as his 3rd place finish at Mortal Kombat Klash 2019 Finals showed, he cannot be counted out. 

Main Pick

Biohazard is notorious for his Kano, with whom he wreaks havoc to his heart’s content. His vicious style of play is sure to get the viewers riled up and would be an exciting spectacle for the tournament.

Pocket Pick

Sticking with the brutal characters, Biohazard has a Baraka in his arsenal that can be whipped out if the need arises. 



MK_Azerbaijan was a late addition to the lineup when it became clear that Mr. 5000 would be unable to make it. He was also one of the stories of WePlay’s Dragon Temple, where much like Arnkratos, he came into the competition with little to no fanfare. He then demonstrated some insane skill with his Rain pick that many were surprised to see. This was primarily because Rain was quite new at the time, yet MK_Azerbaijan had all but mastered the character. With more time to train, you can imagine that he would be even better now. 

Main Pick

It’s hard to see beyond a Rain pick. MK’s exploits at DT did not go unnoticed, so some players might likely be better prepared for him. However, this does not in any way mean that he cannot still surprise a few people. 

Pocket Pick

Before Rain, we saw a lot of Sonya Blade, and this could be an option he goes to if necessary. Beyond that, though, we also saw him whip out a Sindel during DT, which was a shock as so few people play the character. So, who knows, we just might get any of those two.


Group B is a tough group to call as all the players involved are accomplished. Tekken Master is the favorite to make it out, considering how well he performed at Dragon Temple and his character knowledge. Therefore, it is hard to look past him for a spot in the play-offs. 

Some consider Dragon to be the best MK11 player behind SonicFox.Whether you agree or disagree, you can’t argue with the fact that he is a great player who is using arguably the best character in the game. 

Biohazard is a bit of a wildcard that can be quite erratic. However, what is certain is that if he is on his game, he is most definitely getting through. Another player to consider is Hayatei. The Canadian representative took 3rd place at Dragon Temple, but most will agree that we didn’t get the best version of the Fujin god. On his day, he is way more dangerous, and if he can find that form, there is almost no way he will not make it from the group. 

Grr is another competitor to mention as his Geras is a menace to others; you do wonder, however, if he would be able to deal with the mental stress of playing late into the early hours of the morning with the added pressure from the occasion. Rewind is a top pick for many viewers and could throw a spanner in the works. Qualification at the end of the day will likely depend on form. MK_Azerbaijan is still a bit of a mystery for some, so this would play to his advantage. However, seeing as he was a late addition and might not have had enough time to practice, this could be a problem. 

My proposed list of qualifiers

How about you? Who do you think will make it out? For more on WUFL, check out the rest of DashFight, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter‌,‌ ‌‌Facebook‌,‌ ‌and‌ ‌‌Discord‌.‌ 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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