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What DF happened last week? Jul 25 - Jul 31

Alex Samonov
3 min

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What DF happened last week? Jul 25 - Jul 31
Everything you need to know about the last week in the FGC.

Another week as starts and DashFight, as usual, bringing you a package of most notable news from around the FGC happened last week. So sit back, grab a beverage of your choice, and enjoy your feed down below.

Multiversus is all over the place

Last week, on July 26, a free-to-play fighting game by Player First Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, launched in early access on PC, Xbox and Play Station consoles. According to Steamcharcts, the all-time peak players were around 150,000, with an average of 50,000 concurrent players,  which is huge for a fighting game. Also, there will be a Multiversus side tournament on the upcoming Evo 2022 with a $100,000 in prizes, which will probably boost the game's popularity even more. 

By the way If you want to dive deeper into the competitive part of Multiversus, you might wanna check out the early access tier list made by Hungrybox recently. 

Source: Hungrybox official YouTube

Evo schedule

Speaking of Evo, last week we finally got the schedule for the upcoming convention, so it's time to plan your weekend, no matter if you're going to visit the arena in person or gonna watch the streams. Jeez, I wish I had a second monitor.

NA vs EU exhibition is off

If some of you anticipated to witness another everlasting rivalry between the NA and EU regions at Evo 2022, in Street Fighter V this time, well, it won't happen, unfortunately. If you wanna dive deeper into the situation, you should probably check out tweets from Punk and NYCFurby

Team Awakened Orochi trailer

As another pack of characters for King of Fighters XV is just around the corner, last week we got a fresh trailer showcasing some gameplay of Yashiro, Shermie, and Chris. Team Awakened Orochi is set to release later in August, with one more team to come later in Autumn as a part of Team Pass 2.


Ezio joins the fight

One of the main protagonists of Ubisoft's most renown franchise, Ezio Auditore, joined the battlegrounds of Brawlhalla on July 27, alongside the epic crossover skin of Eivor from the most recent Assassin's Creed game, Valhalla. Enjoy the official trailer down below.

Source: Brawlhalla official YouTube

Brawlhalla Summer Championship 1v1

During the weekend we had intense fights all over the globe during the Brawlhalla Summer Championship 2022 1v1 tournaments. You can check the final results down below.

CPT 2022 Central America East

Another Capcom Pro Tour 2022 tournament took place last weekend, this time in Central America East. In the end, MenaRD was victorious over Bryan-D and secured the spot at the upcoming Capcom Cup IX

That's a wrapup for today. Stay with DashFight to be updated with all the news regarding your favorite fighting games, events, players, and characters. And don't forget to visit our YouTube for guides from professional and renown players, as well as other informative videos. Also, if you enjoy our content, consider becoming our patron and enjoy a bunch of benefits, like ads-free content and a chance to win a coaching session with a pro. Have a good one!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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