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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 1

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Weekly Mod Highlights Volume 1
With the recent release of King of Fighters XV and the revolution in Guilty Gear Strive modding, there's many interesting things to take a loot at

Guilty Gear -Strive-

Sin Kiske For Strive

The most obvious highlight from the recent Strive mods is the Sin Kiske mod from the genius WistfulHopes a.k.a. Ryn. While it looks like just a port at first sight, it's much more than that. Ryn did a thorough job of adapting Sin to Strive, giving him new animations, new colors, and updating his design.

For Xrd fans, this is a unique opportunity to experience how Sin would play in a vastly different system. However, even if you never played the previous Guilty Gear, this is a fantastic mod that adds a whole new character to the game with a fleshed-out and functioning moveset. You can even use this mod online by playing against other people who have the mod installed.

Oni Baiken

A very ambitious Baiken mod that gives her a more demonic appearance. On top of changing her model, SDNW went the extra mile, creating new models for the Tatami and swapping Kabari to a menacing-looking kusarigama.

Minecraft Pickaxe for May

This week's last spot for Strive goes to a simple but amusing May mod. With May's anchor having roughly the same shape as a pickaxe, this mod works better than you'd expect.

King of Fighters XV

Legacy Outfits

Many mods were released for KoFXV over the course of the week, with characters outfits from previous games ending up as some of the best.

Calypso Dynamo gave us the unexpected mod that gives Ryo his outfit from Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition. While Ryo is usually depicted as a very stoic and traditional martial artist in his orange gi, Wild Ambition took a significant detour from that appearance, giving Ryo a very modern and rugged appearance.

Meanwhile, 80constant and Amaso35 submitted classic Ash and Kula outfits respectively. The new designs these characters received in XV are by no means bad, but it's hard to deny that these legacy replacements look incredibly appealing.

Tekken 7

DBZ x Tekken

Tekken modder Chris brought us some model replacements that bring classic Dragon Ball characters to The King of Iron Fist Tournament.

If you wish to Cooler, Goku, or Vegeta, you will have to swap Lars, Kazuya, and Heihachi respectively, with Vegeta being available both as Kazuya and Heihachi replacement.

Grand Theft Tekken VII

Following the modding tradition of San Andreas characters in every possible game, Big Smoke and CJ finally made it over to Tekken 7.

Tired of having to follow the damn train? Now you can give Big Smoke then one two combo without failing the mission.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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