Video Interview with Curtis "Rewind" McCall

Sebastian Quintanilla
1 min
Video Interview with Curtis "Rewind" McCall
Get to know more about the stellar North American player.

DashFight had the opportunity to sit down with the NRS legends that is Curtis "Rewind" McCall. A solid top player in the scene that was part of many of the historical events and rivalries. As the first season of the WePlay Ultimate Fighting was taking place, the Injustice 2 EVO champ sat down with us to discuss his life and career.

In this interview with DashFight get to know more about Rewind. His path to esports and his place in the FGC among his friends and opponents. The challenges of staying at the top of his game and his effort to study while competing.

Topics discussed:

  • The start of his esport career
  • Going from MK9, to Injustice, to MK11
  • Being a top player and setting new goals
  • Growing the FGC and technical limitations
  • Personal life balancing studying and competing.
WUFL S1 | Rewind Interview | MK11 | DashFight

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