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Top 10 Characters That Should Return For Season 2 of Street Fighter 6

Femi Famutimi
7 min

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Top 10 Characters That Should Return For Season 2 of Street Fighter 6
These are the characters we'd love to see

The topic of who should join the Street Fighter 6 cast has become a serious talking point among members of the FGC due to the fact that we are experiencing a downtime due to the end of Capcom Cup. As the showpiece event typically marks the end of the year for Capcom, many players already have their sights on season 2. There have been leaks indicating who could come back and at the end of the day everyone has a different opinion. 

But, for us, these are the 10 characters we would like to see return. 

C. Viper

Crimson Viper was introduced in Street Fighter IV where we first got to know her as a ruthless S.I.N operative. Later in the story we find that she isn’t really working for S.I.N but actually wants to bring them down. She is also a dedicated mother and would be a great addition to the world of Street Fighter 6. 

As a character, she is tricky and takes a lot of technique to learn. On top of that, Street Fighter 6 has succeeded in making erstwhile ‘lame’ characters cool. Ed is a perfect example of this and if Viper gets the same treatment, then she should be a shoe-in for season 2.


The Muay Thai king has one of the best redemptions arcs in fighting game history. After losing himself working for Bison following a defeat to Ryu in Street Fighter 1, Sagat cleans up his act and is a force for good now. With Bison supposedly dead and the old members of Shadaloo nowhere to be seen (at least for now), having Sagat back as a positive character would be great for the game. 

Also, a tall, powerfully built, shoto-like character is an archetype that Street Fighter 6 could do with, so bring Sagat on!


After making his debut in Street Fighter III, Sean Matsuda has developed quite a following among Street Fighter fans and many would love to see the character come back. There are hints that he is in the Street Fighter 6 world especially after an illustration featuring him with Luke, Jamie, and Bosch surfaced, but there is no indication that he will be a playable character. 

Sean was used as a joke character in 3rd Strike and a new outing following his antics in Street Fighter V (he was simply Laura’s wimpy brother there) with better moves and a stronger personality would be a good idea.


It would be difficult to justify a Street Fighter game that doesn’t have Sakura. She was voted as the favorite character of all time and then not having her in such an iconic Street Fighter game just feels wrong.

As for her playstyle, having too many shotos could be an issue, but Street Fighter V showed a different side to Sakura and considering how Ed’s playstyle was changed from SFV to SF6, one can imagine Sakura going through something of a transformation too. 


Dudley is so much more than a Balrog clone. The Englishman is a gentleman to the core and has been winning hearts since his introduction in Street Fighter III. While the reasoning behind him joining the fight in the game makes little sense (he wanted to get his father’s car back) his personality more than makes up for any lack of intriguing backstory. 

While you could say we already have Ed as a boxing archetype, there is no need to limit it to one character, and Dudley could bring a lot to Street Fighter 6. 


Alex was an unconventional protagonist for Street Fighter III. This was because he’s a grappler, and they typically aren’t the most popular archetype. For Alex, joining Street Fighter 6 would be great as it would mean all the franchise’s protagonists would be in one game (Ryu, Luke, Alex) and his pseudo grappling abilities would be a welcome addition to the game. 

The iconic red bandana and interesting playstyle could go a long way in making Street Fighter 6 a more exciting and accessible game. 


The president of the world is the newest character on this list, but he made such an impact in Street Fighter V that it would be a bit mad not to have him in the latest iteration of the game.

A mysterious presence with more than a passing resemblance to a former American president, and a lot of similarities to Q from Street Fighter III, G has all the makings of a classic character. Furthermore, his playstyle is unique with his wheel kicks, command grab, and rush punch. There is also so much that can be added to him in the game that it would be a no-brainer to have him join the cast. 


The master of Ken and Ryu has only appeared in Street Fighter IV where it was revealed that he wasn’t really dead as originally thought. He wasn’t the most popular character, but opinions of him might be different now as he represents a different type of shoto. 

Sure, he has all the hallmarks including the fireball, DP, and advancing kick, but they are done so differently and can be made even weirder in a new game that it warrants some consideration. Also, seeing the possible interactions between an older Akuma and Gouken could be a whole lot of fun. 


Urien is a villainous character that has a pretty impressive aura to him. First introduced in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact, he returned in Street Fighter V and was a very popular character and was a menace at one point due to how strong his V-Trigger 1 was. 

Adding him to Street Fighter 6 works from a lore perspective as the secret society he and Gill are a part of are still alive and well and could be an interesting rival to JP who is the major antagonist in Street Fighter 6. 


Once Sagat’s apprentice, Adon is a maniac with legs that brought down a titan like Sagat when he went up against him. Like many others, Adon’s last entry was Street Fighter IV and after missing out of Street Fighter V, it seems the time is right for him to grace the game once more. 

Also, his high speed gameplay and kick-based moves also make him stand out from many of the cast in the current game. Who wouldn’t love some Adon. 

We will see who Capcom has deemed to join the cast soon enough once the first season of Street Fighter 6 ultimately ends. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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