The last major Tekken 7 tournament from the TOC 2020 series was held

Ilya Kravtsov
Dec 14 20201 min
The last major Tekken 7 tournament from the TOC 2020 series was held
BREN | Hapon wins the Tekken Online Challenge (TOC) Philippines

The 2020 Tekken Online Challenge ended this week. The last tournament in this Tekken 7 series was the competition in the Philippines. Previously, it had to be postponed due to weather conditions. This TOC tournament was scheduled to take place about a month ago.

PBE|AK, BREN|Maru, CIG|Vermilion, SB|Adrian, CoffeePrinz, BREN|Mawts, and many other famous players took part in this tournament. More than 350 people from all over the Philippines competed for the victory.

This tournament is exclusively focused on the Philippines, other countries were not eligible to participate.

Tekken Online Challenge Philippines

TOC Philippines results

1. BREN|Hapon (Leroy, Geese, Eddy)
2. Omega|Jules (Jin, Heihachi, Bob, Marduk)
3. CIG|Vermilion (D. Jin, Steve, Jin)
4. BruiseMakeR (Hwoarang)
5. PBE|BuLLy69 (JACK-7, Geese)
5. BREN|Maru (Dragunov, Lars, Zafina)
7. CIG|Naturelover (Julia)
7. FTC|Nicoryn (Lei)

9. Gogoy (Xiaoyu)
9. PBE|AK (Shaheen)
9. RME|Ignis (Steve)
9. Chongibears (Lei)
13. Nexplay|Haji (Julia)
13. GoldStandard
13. Nagz06 (Asuka)
13. SB|Adrian (Shaheen, Leroy)

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