Tekken Online Challenge Europe Southwest Results

Ilya Kravtsov
1 min
Tekken Online Challenge Europe Southwest Results
Top picks were Zafina, Nina and Anna
EU Southwest - Open Tournament

A new tournament from the Tekken Online Challenge series took place in cyberspace. This time the best player in Tekken 7 was declared in the South-West of Europe.

Players from France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, and Italy determined the winner of the Tekken Online Challenge Europe Southwest. There were just over 120 players. 

The title was won HG | Mitrust Storm. He was helped by Zafina, Nina, and Anna. Lili finished second under Deathadder’s rule

In third place is Najin Kazama (Fahkumram, Marduk).

Tekken 7 — Results

1. HG|Mitrust Storm (Zafina, Nina, Anna)
2. Deathadder (Lili)
3. Najin Kazama (Fahkumram, Marduk)
4. NLE|Bode (Julia)
5. Q4G|Devilnin (Steve, Akuma)
5. mYi|KiraKira (Eliza)
7. EvoG|Didelfray (Geese, Akuma)
7. IronFury (Geese)

9. Thebest00154 (Kazuya)
9. ReHawk (Master Raven)
9. Captain Tyna (Law)
9. Banbino (Josie)
13. EMME|Xeon (Armor King)
13. Gunni (JACK-7)
13. Nicky (Xiaoyu)
13. Enzoaljarreau (Yoshimitsu)

The Tekken World Tour for 2020 was canceled back in May alongside fellow Bandai Namco fighting game tours for Soul Calibur 6 and Dragon Ball FighterZ, obviously due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic across the world. These online events were introduced to be a replacement, of sorts, for this year.

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