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Tekken 8 Lee Chaolan Guide by Super Akouma

Tekken 8 Lee Chaolan Guide by Super Akouma

Elizbar Ramazashvili
3 min
Guide by Super Akouma

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Tekken 8 is upon us, and as always, we love to collaborate with the pro players for the character guides. Today, we have none other than Super Akouma, who lost his Akuma but decided to main Lee in Tekken 8. Enjoy the guide!


Lee is a counterhit-based character, he excels at punishing those. He has various launchers, counterhits are the name of the game. But what sets him apart from others is the execution required to get the most out of him. You reap huge rewards for executing all the justframe moves properly.

Best Buttons

  • df1 – your go-to mid check. It’s -1 on block, the best it can be. Works great as he’s a character with fast punishes.

  • d3 – a counterhit launcher. Goes under habs, can do crouch mixups.

  • FCd,df3+4 or f,N,df3+4 – slide with a ridiculous range. Best used as a ranged tool as it becomes safer.

  • ff3 – a heat engager with a full combo on Heat dash.

  • b4 – Lee’s most famous move. A counterhit launcher, knocks down in crouch, and the range is very good.

  • 4,4,4 – his new 11-frame punish that goes into Heat. Wallsplats as well.

  • df4,4 – great whiff-punisher, confirmable.

  • b1,1,2 – used to be 15 frames, now it’s 14. More damage, more range. But keep in mind that it starts with a high.

  • df2 – a generic and safe df2, still one of the best moves.

  • f3 – his machinegun kicks, a 15-frame launcher from very far away.

  • WS3,3 – leaves you minus on block, but it’s only 10 frames. Has two mixup extensions.

  • WS4 – can go into the Hitman stance for more mixups.

Offense and Defense

One of the biggest things to master while playing Lee is when and how to start your offense. Ff3 is always a good option as it has range, and the opponents will want to get it to reduce its threat. That’s where you start using b4. If the enemy is sidestepping you often, use b,b4 and 1+2, as they’re homing. Always threaten the slide and utilize fullcrouch mixups. If you’re not willing to take huge risks, poke a lot instead, and never forget about the sidesteps.

For defense, utilize Lee’s good movement. His backdash is nice, and he has lots of counterhits. If they ever whiff, 2,3 is a great whiff punisher.


  • uf4 4u3 b2f b2f b2f,n,b ws2,3 bb4 ff3 (You don’t have to crouch for the ws move, the Mist Step back works as a crouch)

Wall Combos

  • f2,1 df1 f4:1 HMS u4 UB3

  • f2,1 f4,1 df3,2,3

  • f2,1 f4,1 f4,3 d3

  • f2,1 df1 f4,1 b4 d3

  • df2 4u3 f4:1 HMS u4 UB3

Heat Combos

  • ws2,3 Burst d,db4 4u3 b2f b2f b2f f2,1

  • ff3 Heat dash bb4 d,db4 4u3 b2f b2f b2f b2f f2,1

Final Thoughts

Counterhitting is huge in Tekken 8 as everyone tried to be more aggressive, opening themselves up for more counterhits, and it’s Lee’s game. He’s a solid character overall, much better than he was in the previous game. Just keep in mind that he has risky lows.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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