Tekken 7 and Yakuza Collaboration - Is This Possible?

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Tekken 7 and Yakuza Collaboration - Is This Possible?
Katsuhiro Harada
A photo posted by Katsuhiro Harada created a wave of guesses

Someone may say that the Tekken community is starving for content news. But someone would consider the recent tweet of Katsuhiro Harada as a hint about a potential closer collaboration of two famous gaming franchises from Japan: Tekken and Jakuza

At the first sight, nothing seems to be special here - just pics on a board. Still, the eyes of enthusiastic fans have noticed how Lee stands in front of a Matsuya restaurant, which is present in many Yakuza games. And the post has been made by the director of Tekken, so can you see the connection?

Of course, the hint is too vague (if it exists). We can’t know if it is about a new DLC for Tekken 7. Many players have remembered how Michael Murray, a producer of the game, mentioned a big presentation, cancelled along with the whole EVO tournament

What do you say? Is it seems like a true story or rather like a fantasy of hungry fans. Considering the lack of physical events of the Tekken World Tour 2020, it’s no surprise people could start to imagine things - we all are waiting for some very good news.