Big Tekken 7 Reveal is on the Way

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Big Tekken 7 Reveal is on the Way
Bandai Namco
The Bandai Namco team evaluates how to do this after cancellation of EVO

Have you recovered after the shock of not having EVO this year? Probably this Tekken 7 news will help you! On the one hand, it is not super cheerful - with no tournament, we will not have a special presentation from Bandai Namco. The development company has been forced to cancel it (the same as physical events Tekken World Tour 2020). On the other hand, now we know for sure that the presentation was meant to be. And it will be in the future!

What’s your bet? Is this a reveal of new content for Tekken 7? Could it be Season 4 in this popular fighting game?

Let’s put off our guesses and talk about bare facts. Michael Murray, a producer of Tekken 7, has made a post on Reddit. Here is the quote: 

I'm sorry that there is no longer exhibition matches for Tekken 7 at EVO online this year. The team has been hard at work on stuff to reveal at EVO online, and I am currently evaluating the best way to do that now. Thanks for your support of the title, and I hope everyone is staying safe!

It’s quite logical to assume that “stuff to reveal” is content for Tekken  7 Season 4. The third one has been wrapped up (you can get everything with Tekken 7 - Ultimate Edition). With releasing the Season Pass 3 Recap video in March 2020, Bandai Namco published a press release that says: 

you can rest assured that more awesome content is on the way for both Tekken 7 and Soul Calibur 6.“ 

Is Michael Murray talking about the same thing now? Let’s wait and see. DashFight will keep you informed. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the news on Tekken 7 directly to your newsfeed.