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Team Spooky Drops NYCFurby

Femi Famutimi
2 min

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Team Spooky Drops NYCFurby
The pull outs and severance continues

Following the announcement by Matcherino severing ties with Arturo 'NYCFurby' Sanchez, long-time collaborator, and friend Victor 'Sp00ky' Fontanez has revealed that Team Spooky will be dropping him from all further events. 

The two were largely responsible for running NLBC and have collaborated on several events. However, with allegations hanging over Arturo's head, the pair have now split. This was announced in a tweet by Sp00ky where he wished Arturo all the best in future endeavors. 

This followed a stream hosted by Arturo in which he tried to explain his side of the story regarding the Matcherino controversy in which he was accused of mishandling funds. 

In his stream, which he deleted soon after, he tried to explain how things devolved to this point. He stated that his work ethic over the past year had not been up to standard, and coupled with personal storms in his life, he has been unable to be at his best.

Unfortunately, it has generally been considered that his explanation was insufficient, and several responses online suggest that people do not think his defense has been good enough.

In light of this, Team Spooky became the latest outfit to cut ties with him. 

Arturo has so far not released a statement following this latest blow and his last tweet suggested that he is trying to move past this as much as possible. He has also maintained that all accounts have currently been balanced and that he owes no one anything at the moment.

This seems to be a story that still has some legs, we'll see as things develop. For those who want to watch the now-deleted video, you can check here. As for a TLDR of the stream, you can check out @TomorrowsSeth's tweets below.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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