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Team Mouz Esports Wins Inaugural Street Fighter League Europe

Femi Famutimi
2 min

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Team Mouz Sports Wins Inaugural Street Fighter League Europe
The British team were victorious on an emotional night of high-level Street Fighter play

Last night, Mouz Esports were declared winners of the inaugural Street Fighter League Europe tournament after they defeated BMS 2-0. 

This was a culmination of 16 weeks of action that had seen these two come out on top of all the others as the top teams on the continent above all other contestants. 

BMS were considered the favorites with Mr. Crimson, Kilzyou, TKR, and Linkexelo and with Mr. Crimson losing only once in the regular season, there was a lot of optimism that he could lead his team to victory. However, on the other side was Mouz Esports who you could argue had the better team overall with The4Philzz, Broski, Problem X, and ShakZ

Since BMS were top of the league, they started proceedings on the home side. The tournament worked like this: the two teams put forward three representatives who then played three matches. Each match was worth points with the first and second matches being 10 points and first to two. The final or anchor match was a first to three and was worth 20 points. The SFL EU grand finals stipulated that the teams would play in this format in a best of three. 

BMS on the home side had an advantage in that the away team had to reveal their lineup and character selection before games started. This gives the home team a chance to counter pick the opponent. 

Mouz won the two sets meaning there was no need for a third set.

With their win, Mouz Esports will be walking away with 60,000 Euros while BMS will leave with 15,000. Also, Mouz will represent Europe next month at Capcom Cup for the SFL World Championship Final. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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