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Super Smash Bros Ultimate at Riptide - Results

Sebastian Quintanilla
4 min

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Super Smash Bros Ultimate at Riptide - Results
The all American top 8 at Ohio's major Riptide gave the scene plenty to talk about during the first week of September

Sneaking right before the start of fall, Riptide's fantastic water park venue was the center of Super Smash Bros Ultimate this past weekend with over 700 players entering the event as one of the major tournaments in North America.

Top 8

Losers Round 1

Coming through the lower side of the bracket was Diddykong main Zinoto, versus iconic American Bowser player LeoN. The two had not come to blows in a major for a very long time. Zinoto would take the lead of the series 2-0 winning the opening Pokemon stadium and small battlefield challenges. Even as LeoN stringed together two victories of his own in the second half, Zinoto was ultimately the winner 3-2 with an extra stock for game 5.

On the other hand, Doorstop stood as a favorite by the numbers in his matchup, having a very respectable 40%+ winrate against Bayonetta mains like Lima. Coming into the match proper, Lima was able to pick up the first set on two stocks, but soon after, Doorstop replied in kind and after another close game, games 4 and 5 went the way of the Pokemon trainer.

Winner Semi-Finals

Coming in from the top side of the bracket, IcyMist, before the Top 8 was able to knock out the likes of ATATA, loaf, and goblin, in what was already a better finish than her other most recent major events at Super Smash Con and Get On My Level earlier this year. Her opponent, omega, likewise had been building an impressive run and already exceeding his most recent Super Smash Con result. Although IcyMist did win the first game of the series, omega would secure the winner's finals spot on the back of some great 2-0 1-0 2-0 games.

MuteAce had been on a rampage coming into the Top 8, only dropping 2 games on his way to the top. Aaron had unfinished business with the Palutena/Peach main, as the two had faced each other earlier in the year at Super Smash Con where Aaron lost to MuteAce 3-0. Things looked dire for the Moist player as the 26 Rising representative led the series 2-0 having picked up gagmes 1 and 2 with an extra stock to boot. However, Aaron endured and was able to claw back three back-to-back 1-stock wins to make a reverse sweep and a trip to the winner's finals.

Loser Quarter & Semi Finals

IcyMist would make short work of Zinoto in a 3-0 series, the two have been going back and forth for many years in tournaments, and often in the later stages of the bracket too. With this result, IcyMist would not need to face MuteAce, who for also cleaned up Doorstop in a 3-0 series where he had a stock advantage nearly the whole way through. Coming into the semi-finals of the lower bracket we had another 3-0 game, with MuteAce picking up from where he left of a round prior and dispatching IcyMist.

Winner, Loser & Grand Finals

On the upper side, it was now Aaron's time to shine in the winner side finals. He would pick up the first game of the series, and although omega's joker was enough to score one victory, it was the Diddykong player who ultimately secured games 3 and 4 to advance to the grand finals. Over in the loser finals, MuteAce, who many thought at this point was going to face some resistance on his Peach had a brilliant game, pushing omega to the limit and earning himself a grand finals stop on the back of yet another 3-0 victory.

Coming into the Grand finals, all eyes were on MuteAce who, at this point, had strung together an unbelievable lower-bracket run. The challenge for him now lay on whether or not he could build upon the momentum or if he would be reversed sweep yet again by Aaron. After a close game, one a two, tension was in the air as in game three Aaron looked to mount a comeback on the very last stock of the match, however, it would all eventually be decided on the grand finals reset where MuteAce, once again, and for the fifth consecutive time 3-0 his opponent to win it all at Riptide 2023.

Final Top 8

  • 1st MuteAce
  • 2nd Aaron
  • 3rd omega
  • 4th IcyMist
  • 5th Doorstop
  • 5th Zinoto
  • 7th LeoN
  • 7th Lima

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