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Street Fighter 6 At DreamHack Dallas 2024: Gachikun Wins!

Femi Famutimi
2 min

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Street Fighter 6 At Dreamhack Dallas 2024: Gachikun Wins!
The former Capcom Cup champion was in fine form

Good8Squad's Gachikun was the winner of the DreamHack Dallas 2024 Street Fighter 6 tournament after a win over Problem-X in the Grand Final to not only book his place at the Esports World Cup in August, but also a cool $15,000.

Gachikun was in imperious form defeating Phenom who had looked unstoppable all weekend, also defeating Capcom Cup X finalist, Chris Wong, and then Problem-X in what was one of the most stacked brackets for Street Fighter 6.

With the top 8 of this tournament all bagging spots at the Saudi Arabia EWC this summer, it meant that there was one more spot to be filled. This is because MenaRD, who won Evo Japan 2024, was already qualified for the EWC. This led to a mini tournament of all the 9th placed players. It was Higuchi, also from Japan, who won and took the final spot. 

Dreamhack Dallas 2024 top 8

  • 1. Gachikun
  • 2. Problem-X
  • 3. Phenom
  • 4. Zhen
  • 5. MenaRD
  • 5. Chris Wong
  • 7. Oil King
  • 7. NuckleDu

This continues Gachikun's impressive form in Street Fighter 6 which started a bit shakily for him as Rashid wasn't released into the game at launch. He made use of Manon initially, which didn't really get him the results he wanted, but with the release of Rashid as the first DLC character, Gachikun has been doing great including a win at the CPT offline in Singapore, Keio cup, and third place finishes at Capcom Cup X and Blink Respawn 2023. 

Gachikun will return to Japan where he will take part in the Topanga Championship, and also Street Fighter League Japan which is coming up soon. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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