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Street Fighter 5: Trophy Guide

Street Fighter 5: Trophy Guide

Ilya Kravtsov
4 min

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You don't need to collect them all for having a good time, but we hope you will enjoy this Street Fighter V trophy guide
Street Fighter V Trophy Guide and Platinum Roadmap

The Street Fighter trophies consist of 26 offline achievements (21 bronze, 3 silver, 2 gold), and 19 online ones (14 bronze, 2 silver, 2 gold, 1 platinum).

The main thing you need to get the trophies is to just play. You will probably get achievements offline first. This is facilitated by the relative ease in passing Story mode.

The most difficult trophy here is gold back from hell. To do this, you need to defeat 100 enemies on the highest difficulty level.

The health bar can be restored after each completed stage, but it costs money, so you need to be careful when using it.

For the next really hard achievement, you need to play at least 300 Ranked Matches and Random Matches in total. You can also get lighter trophies in parallel, for example, for one of them you need to get 50 repetitions. Basically, such trophies only take time. Another example of such trophies is a challenge that requires reaching level 30 with a character or reaching player level 200.

The hardest part for you can be at the very end of the Grinding trophies from whole SFV trophy guide.

So, you are going to repeat final moves many times along with special moves and V-Moves to achieve some of the more time-consuming trophies the game has.

It's highly recommended that you work on all these trophies while you play Story Mode, Survival Mode, and Online Mode so the grind would take a little less time.

Other trophies

It is important to note that some Street Fighter V trophies may not appear if you are playing offline or without the latest patch installed. Therefore it is recommended to install the latest patch and always play with server connections. 

Glitched trophies

It's important to take note that some Street Fighter 5 trophies may not pop if you are playing offline. You can suddenly lose connection to the servers and this may cause you to have to replay the same stage you were on after signing-in again, especially with the trophies regarding reaching level 5 with all characters.

We wish you good luck!

Fast trophies

  •  Mastering The Basics
  •  Your Story Starts Here
  •  One Step Forward
  •  Playing Favorites
  •  All In A Name
  •  Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail
  •  Not-So-Secret Admirer
  •  Global Network
  •  Bodybuilding Is Life
Street Fighter V - "Back From Hell" Trophy Guide

Story Mode trophies

  •  Lucky We Met!
  •  The 16 Trials
  •  Quantity Over Quality
  •  No Rest For The Wicked
Street Fighter 5 - Story Mode Trophies

Survival mode trophies

  •  Vindicated Honor
  •  Burning Spirit
  •  Make A Name For Yourself
  •  Win Or Die Tryin'
  •  A True Warrior's Spirit
  •  Back From Hell
Street Fighter V / 5 - Survival Mode Guide

Online mode trophies

  •  Fighting On The Internet
  •  All Going To Plan!
  •  A Fiendish Trap
  •  Waiting Is Half The Fun
  •  I Know Kung Fu!
  •  Addicted To Winning
  •  Working Up An Appetite!
  •  Ceaseless Effort
  •  Bam, Bam, Win!
  •  Always Someone Stronger
  •  Savoring The Win Streak
  •  First Promotion!
  •  Muscles Bring Victory!
  •  Let's fight someone strong!
Out With a Bang Ultra Rare Trophy

Grinding trophies

  •  Slow But Steady Wins The Race
  •  Number 2 Is The New Number 1
  •  Sultan Of Titles
  •  Go Out With A Bang
  •  Critical Beauty
  •  Not Over 'Til It's Over
  •  Enlightenment
  •  Sudden Reversal
  •  See You In My Dreams!
  •  Priceless

We hope, you enjoyed Street Fighter 5 trophy guide.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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