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Street Fighter 5: Chun Li Guide - Combos and Move List

Chun Li Street Fighter V Guide

Femi Famutimi
Updated: 8 min

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The best martial artist in the world. Learning how to play Chun Li: basics, combos, tips and tricks

Chun-Li is one of the first-ever strong female characters in the history of games, not a stereotypical “girl in a trouble”. She originally appeared in Street Fighter 2. For some time, the developers could not decide on her fighting style: they removed specific strikes, introduced new ones, then returned everything to the original state, and then reinvented her again. But there were two things with Chun-Li that remained unchanged (not her legs): a storm of kicks and unique charisma.

There’s one thing that all Street Fighter players will agree on: Chun-Li is one of the strongest (if not the strongest) characters in the game. And in this guide, we will try to tell you how to play Chun-Li including easy combos and tips.

Chun-Li SF5 Profile

Name Chun li
Age 26
Birthday March 1
Birthplace China
Bloodtype A
Height 169cm
Measurements 88/58/90
Weight Secret
Occupation Interpol officer
Fighting style Chinese martial arts
Likes Crepes, fruits, candy, Western confectionery, her father, Ryu, Ken, Cammy, Guile, Li-Fen
Dislikes M. Bison, crime, people who can't get to the point, indecisive and shady people, Shadaloo
Family Dorai (father) Gen (master)
Rivals Vega, Crimson Viper, M. Bison, Balrog, Juri, Urien, Birdie, Gen, Zangief, Dan, Sodom, Yun

Chun-Li's Biography and Story

Chun li was born in China and was raised by her loving father, Dorai. She grew up as an avid fan of martial arts having been introduced to Bruce Lee at an early age. Soon, she was training in martial arts, but soon grew disillusioned as the reality wasn't anything close to the graceful movements she had seen on TV. However, thanks to her father, she did not give up and he trained her. She became a proficient fighter especially with her legs and her love for martial arts made her seek to expand her horizons beyond just on style. Therefore, she is versed in disciplines such as Capoeira, Tai chi, Taek-wan-do, and so on. 

She lived a pretty happy life until her father's disappearance. She was unable to find him and this drove her to join Interpol at the age of 18. Once there, she soon proved herself to be an incorruptible agent, tracking down powerful organizations such as the notorious Shadaloo which even had some of Interpol's top officials in its pocket. She would eventually learn that her father was dead and his murderer was none other than M. Bison, one of the most notorious criminals in the world. Driven by a righteous sense of justice, she sought to bring down the organization that brought her so much grief. On her journey, she met with allies such as Charlie Nash, Guile, and Ryu and even after ruining Bison's plans on more than one occasion, Chun li continued to work with Interpol, catching bad guys and bringing down evil entities.

Chun li’s Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Decent normal moves and damage Below average HP
Can link Light Attack into Medium Attack Floaty jump
#2 fastest walkspeed in the game Kikkoken is a charge move that dissipates the farther it travels
Great at zoning
Amazing anti-airs 
V-Gauge fills up quickly but depletes very slowly
V-Trigger will turn Chun-Li into a locomotive

Chun-Li SF5 Gameplay

Playing Chun-Li is very simple: just go in and strike, better with your legs. Her simple gameplay and universality are why professionals love her. Chun-Li can fight at a long distance, can break an opponent point-blank; she is quick and prefers to do ten quick kicks rather than one heavy but very powerful one. Chun-Li can counteract air attacks; she also can push the enemy into corners well. Yes, her combos require memorization and honing for many hours, but such effort pays off very well. She has a large arsenal, so it remains only to understand when and what to use.

Chun-Li's Move List

Chun-Li's Normals

  • Light Punch is a lightning-quick attack, which is great to end combos with. Well, the damage is low, but combining works great.  
  • Medium Punch links well with Light Attacks 
  • Heavy Punch works as a long-range poke. A great move to use at the end of combos. Mind the timings! 
  • Light Kick is her signature. Use it only to counter air attacks. 
  • Medium Kick will be one of your mains: it does damage, is used almost everywhere, and is great in combining.
  • Heavy Kick works at a long range, but doesn't hit crouching opponents!

Chun-Li's Unique Moves/Commands

  • Tsuitotsuken suits great as a constant spam strike, because it is a damage-dealing mid-ranged poke.
  • Hakkei is a Crush Counter. Turn your V-Trigger afterward and just beat the hell out of your opponent. 
  • Chun-Li's overhead is Senenshu. It is not that quick but works amazing when V-Trigger is ON.


Chun-Li's Special Moves


This skill is used to zone opponents. Note that the versions travel distance differs: Light travels more but slowly, Heavy will go faster but little. Chun-Li’s Kikoken combo is not very good for ending the combos. Also, its EX is not pretty good, so don’t stick to it. 


Hyakuretsukyaku will be your very main. Also, it’s Chun-Li’s trademark and signature move. Air version is great because Chun-Li won’t need to jump to the highest point to start and will perform it faster.

Spinning Bird Kick

Spinning Bird Kick is a very important strike. SBK is great at ending combos because it will stun your opponent in the end, so you will have time to recover (besides doing a huge pile of damage).

Chun-Li's V-Trigger Renkiko

Chun Li prepares to fight in a new martial art pose. Now you can see blue energy shining and whirling near her, which means Chun-Li's V-Trigger is ON. It will last for 16 seconds. 

All in all, her V-Trigger boosts every attack Chun-Li has. We mean, every: normals, specials, and uniques will be buffed in very specific ways. Moreover, Chun-Li's Medium attacks will do 2 hits, and Heavy attacks will do 3 hits. Also, obviously, her damage will increase hugely, as well as her frame data. 

Here's the list of Chun-Li's V-Trigger Modifiers:

  • Crouching light punch will become Crouching Medium kick.
  • Overhead attack will become Light Punch.
  • Standing Medium punch will turn into Crouching Hard Punch.
  • Hakkei (Back + Heavy Punch) will now ignore projectiles.
  • Tenkukyaku (Back + Heavy Kick) will be Crouching Heavy Kick.
  • Three Yosokyakus (Down + Medium Kick in the air) will become Lightning kicks.

And a decent Chun-Li combo for V-Trigger:

  • Heavy Kick + V-skill + Three Yosokayku (Down + Medium Kick) + Jumping Heavy Kick + Critical Art; Critical Art can whiff. You are able to do 508 damage!

Chun Li’s V-Trigger, Renkiko, turns her into an unstoppable locomotive. You can perform heartstopping combos, do a lot of different frame-traps, can push the enemy into corners and just destroy them. 

How to play Chun-Li?

Our Chun-Li guide can help to learn how to play. It's quite simple: use your footsies, attack and be aggressive, push and be prepared to catch counters. Chun-Li has strong counter airs and she moves fast. Her combos are your main weapon so just hone them on training grounds and everything will be fine.

Chun-Li Street Fighter 5 Combos List

Chun-Li's combo list is huge. Read, learn, and practice — only this way you can win! 


st Standing
cr Crouching
j Jumping
nj Neutral jumping
df Down-forward/Crouch+forward
b Back
LP Light punch
MP Medium punch
HP Heavy punch
LK Light kick
MK Medium kick
HK Heavy kick
Legs Hyakuretsukyaku
SBK Spinning Bird Kick

Chun-Li's Combos


  • cr.LP, st.MP, cr.MK > HK/EX Legs
  • cr.HP > LK Legs, cr.LP > LK SBK
  • cr.LP, st.MP, cr.MK > LK/MK SBK
  • cr.LP, cr.LP, st.LP > LK SBK
  • cr.HP > HK SBK
  • cr. HP > HP Kikkoken


  • V-Skill > Air LK/MK/HK Legs
  • V-Skill, d.MK, d.MK > Air LK/MK/HK/Legs
  • V-Skill, d.MK, d.MK, d.MK > Air EX Legs


  • j.HP/HK, b.HP, > HP Kikkoken > Hoyoukusen
  • j.HP/HK, b.HP, > HK Legs (cancel quickly) > Hoyoukusen


  • anti-air b.HK, cr.HK
  • anti-air b.HK > EX Legs
  • anti-air b.HK, b.HP > Hoyoukusen
  • j.HP/HK > V-Skill, d.MK, d.MK, d.MK, nj.HP/HK > (land) Hoyoukusen
  • df.MK, cr.LP, cr.MK > MK SBK
  • f.HK, cr.LP, cr.MK > MK SBK


  • b.HP, dash, BnB 1 or 3
  • st.HK, dash, BnB 1 or 3


  • j.MP > Air LK/MK/HK/EX Legs
  • j.HP (1 hit only), d.MK, d.MK, d.MK > Air EX Legs


  • cr.LP, cr.MK > HP Kikkoken


That’s it! Thanks for reading and remember: practice makes perfect!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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