Street Fighter 5: Cammy Guide - Combos and Move List

Arseny Kuzminsky
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Street Fighter 5: Cammy Guide - Combos and Move List
Bison's Best Creation

Cammy White is a Street Fighter character, first appeared among the playable in the Alpha Series. A great fighter for beginners and a dangerous one in the hands of a well-skilled. Cammy’s combos are easy and fast to learn, and her signature Air Throws and Spiral Arrows are recognized among other SFV heroes.

Cammy White SF5 Profile

Name: Cammy White

Age: 22

Birthday: 6th January

Birthplace: Unknown

Home: England, United Kingdom, London

Bloodtype: B

Height: 162,5 cm

Measures: 88, 59, 88

Weight: 62 kg

Hobbies: Knife throwing

Occupation: Delta-Red, MI6 Agent

Special skills: Can use every kind of military equipment, including jets, tanks, all kinds of firearms, radios etc., high-level knife combat, acrobatics

Fighting style: Shadaloo Assassin fighting techniques, with influence from different martial arts and her Delta Red training

Likes: Cats, friends, shopping, sports, sleep, punk rock music

Dislikes: Shadaloo, soups

Family: Decapre (younger sister), Keith Wolfman (stepfather), M.Bison (Creator), The Dolls (Cammy's non-biological sister)

Rivals: Decapre, Vega, M.Bison, C.Viper, Juri

Cammy’s Biography and Story

It is impossible to say where Cammy White was born and even whether she has biological parents — these questions are covered in a veil of secrecy. The only thing that can be said for sure is that M.Bison created Cammy for his own purposes, and then she lost her memory, she was instructed by Keith Wolfman. Yes, that's right: Cammy owns a huge arsenal of martial arts, can handle almost all types of weapons, is a perfect warrior — all because M.Bison decided so. Like a true soldier, Cammy indiscriminately followed Bison's orders. Of course, there were rivals on her way who tried to open her eyes, convey the truth about her boss, and at a certain moment, it finally happened. Skipping all the fuzz, Cammy freed her sister The Dolls from Bison’s shackles, then they went to battle him and after a hard fight, M.Bison realized that he could no longer control his brainchild: he “nullified” her memory and, being injured, ran away. Vega managed to save the wounded Cammy from the burning base, and then she got to Keith Wolfman, who was able to educate her correctly. Cammy felt a craving for World Warrior Tournament inside herself and went to participate several times, simultaneously working on her own tasks.

Cammy’s Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Great footsies Hooligan and V-Skill require skills to use 
High mobility Doesn’t have an overhead
Damage Divekick is extremely hard to use without meter
Has good anti-airs Low Stamina
Easily counters projectiles Very punishable specials
V-Trigger is amazing  

EX Divekick


Cammy SF5 Gameplay

Cammy's gameplay is quite simple: push forward, engage the battle actively, use normal punches, kicks and combos, try to be aggressive. Is Cammy a good character for a beginner? Sure. She can perfectly cope with any situation, can be played offensively in rushdown or defensive as zoner. Cammy's main attacks are kicks and jumps, which is very important in Street Fighter. Playing Cammy, you can learn the basic skills of SFV: defend, move, attack and combine, while not thinking about complex things.

Cammy’s Move List 

Cammy’s Normals

Cammy’s Normals are amazing: she hits hard and quick, moves fast and is not easy to counter.

  • Light Punch has great range, is good to spam with. 
  • Medum Punch deals great damage and is a decent whiff-punish
  • Hard Punch is awesome because has a long-range, is a great startup, has a good hitbox and is a very good whiff punish. 
  • Light Kick is a great bullying thing. 
  • Medium Kick is Cammy’s main poke. Damage, range, animation — all is great.
  • Hard Kick doesn't hit crouching opponents but can be used to counter air attacks. 

Cammy’s Unique Moves/Commands

  • Lift Upper Back + MP
  • Lift Combination Back+MP into HK
  • Knee Bullet Forward+HK

Cammy’s Special Moves

Spiral Arrow (Quarter Circle Forward + Kick)

This one is Cammy’s trademark hit. She jumps forward using her legs as a drill. You can use Light, Medium or Hard Kicks to defy the range of Cammy’s jumps. Also, if Hard Kick is applied, you deal two hits. When EX and V-Trigger are ON, you pass through projectiles. 

Cannon Spike (Z-Motion + Kick / Forward, Down, Forward + Kick)

Cammy’s powerful uppercut, an amazing kick to counter air attacks. Choose you Kick to vary damage, but be ready to get punished if miss. When EX is ON, does multiple hits.

Cannon Strike (During Forward Jump: Quarter Circle Backwards + Kick)

Cammy aims to the ground, hitting anyone she finds. This Cammy’s move is great to knock down air opponents, and then you can do some Cammy’s combos because you will have a bit time to continue your attack. 

Hooligan Combination (Half Circle Forward + Punch)

Air spin, another Cammy’s trademark. A great combo-starter, because after the air-swing, you can either just land and do damage, or start one of these: 

  • Fatal Leg Twister / Cross Scissors Pressure (Light Punch + Light Kick when near opponent)

  • Cannon Strike (Kick)

Critical Art (Super) – Cross Stringer Assault (Quarter Circle Forwards x2 + Kick)

Cammy jumps and then strikes downwards. A fashionable move, deals great damage, and hard to escape. You can also perform any of the abovementioned follow-ups to continue the attack. 

Cammy’s V-Trigger

Cammy’s V-Trigger is called Delta Drive. When you turn it on, your character will just become unstoppable: all Cammy’s Special Moves will get bonus damage, become safer and will smash defences. Oh, yes, any attack will also launch V-Arrows. 

V-Skill: Axel Spin Knuckle (MP, MK Simultaneously)

Cammy twirls into the opponent and hit them with a punch. You can’t be hit during this attack, so use it wisely. 

How to play Cammy?

It is easy to learn to play Cammy. Cammy’s gameplay is quite simple: use the footsies, press your opponent, don’t use specials if you are not yet ready to be countered. Try to push your enemy into corners, and bully them with pokes. Remember: you have strong anti-airs, you also are very mobile, and Cammy’s main tip is that you need to set the round, be active and make your foe defend. 

Cammy’s Street Fighter 5 Combo List

Here’s a list of Cammy’s best combinations, read them carefully and try to learn on a training ground. 

Shortcuts first: 

  • cr. = crouching
  • st. = standing
  • j. = jumping
  • f+ = forward and
  • b+ = back and
  • -> = link
  • xx = cancel
  • DP = Dragon Punch
  • CH = Counter hit
  • CC = Crush Counter
  • TC = Target Combo (back+MP -> HK)

Cammy's Combos

  • cr.lp/st.lp ->TC xx LK/MK Arrow/HK DP (use LK arrow for meaty pressure and HK DP for damage. Must be point blank to combo otherwise use cr. lp -> st.p xx HK Arrow/DP if farther out)

Low Check (to stop opponent from walking back or after an empty jump):

  • -> cr.lp/st. lp xx HK Arrow/DP
  • cr.lp -> TC xx HK DP
  • cr.lp -> TC xx LK/MK Arrow
  • st lp xx HK DP or HK Arrow
  • TC xx HK DP or HK Arrow
  • -> xx HK Arrow 
  • -> xx HK DP 
  • -> TC xx HK DP (сroucher only)
  • -> TC xx LK Arrow (croucher only)
  • -> st.hp xx HK Arrow 
  • -> st.hp xx HK DP 
  • -> xx HK DP or HK Arrow 
  • cr. mk xx HK Arrow or DP 

Fireball Punish Combos

  • V-Skill -> st.hp xx HK Arrow
  • V-Skill -> st.hp xx HK DP

V-Trigger Combos

  • Raw activation then jump V-Trigger Cannon Strike -> -> st.hp xx Arrow -> EX DP 
  • -> st.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel -> st.hp xx Arrow -> DP 
  • F+hk -> xx V-Trigger Cancel -> st.hp xx Arrow -> DP

From a poke

  • cr.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel -> f+HK -> xx Arrow -> DP 
  • cr.hp xx V-Trigger Cancel -> cr. mk/st.hp xx Arrow -> DP
  • cr. mk/st. mk xx V-Trigger cancel -> DP -> Arrow 

EX Meter Combos

  • TC xx EX Hooligan xx Grab 
  • TC xx EX Hooligan xx Cannon Strike -> HK DP
  • EX Hooligan Slide xx DP
  • V-Skill -> st.hp xx EX DP
  • EX Cannon Strike -> DP
  • CC -> f+hk -> xx EX Arrow 
  • st. mp -> st. hp -> EX DP 
  • -> TC xx EX Hooligan xx Cannon Strike -> HK DP (croucher only)

Corner Only Combos

  • Any TC combo into L Arrow -> EX DP
  • Hooligan Slide xx LK DP/EX DP


That’s it! Thanks for reading and remember: practice makes perfect!