SSBU European Online Challenge: Spring Showdown 2022

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SSBU European Online Challenge: Spring Showdown 2022
It’s not your biggest fighting esports event, and still, it’s a good chance to gain the competing experience — and just have fun.

On May 20, Smash Ultimate players from Europe can participate in the official esports tournament. It will be the first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate European Online Challenge of 2022.

The tourney starts at 17:00 UK Time / 18:00 CET and continues for three hours. You need to enter the “Official Tourney Qualifiers” in the Online section of the game.

The matches are of the 1v1 format — two slacks, five minutes. 

Successful players will get Gold points to use in the Nintendo eShop. 

  • Top 100 players get 1,000 GP
  • Top 10 players get 2.500 GP

Don't be shy! Get your SSBU character ready and join the Spring Showdown 2022. This might be your first step towards much bigger esports events, perhaps even such as Genesis 8.