Speedkicks retired from Panda Global and Tekken Esports

Jul 17 20201 min
He decided to move forward in his life

A career in esports may be super exciting, but alas, it is often quite short. Professional players retire early for various reasons. Someone can’t prevent himself from indecent behaviour. Someone just became tired and bored of his game. Stephen "Speedkicks" Stafford has found himself in the second situation and he was strong enough to stop his career in Tekken 7.

The esports organization Panda Global said goodbye to Speedkicks as he decided to not create gaming content as well.

Right now, the Twitter account of Speedkicks says he is a Software Engineer & Retired Tekken Player. So let’s wish all the luck to Stephen in his life beyond professional gaming!

Stephen "Speedkicks" Stafford won DreamHack Atlanta 2018 and DreamHack Austin 2018. He was second on Tekken World Tour 2017 Americas Regionals and 7-8th on Tekken World Tour Finals 2017

He also played another Tekken game - Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Speedkicks won Final Round 19.

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