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Smash World Tour Controversy Deepens With Latest Statement

Femi Famutimi
2 min

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Smash World Tour Controversy Deepens With Latest Statement
The back and forth continues as SWT have released another statement

Things are getting more and more interesting in the current controversy involving Panda Global, Nintendo, and the Smash World Tour. In a new statement released on their Twitter page, SWT have again come out to challenge Nintendo on some of the statements made regarding their ability to carry on with the Smash World Tour 2022.

Nintendo released a short statement to Kotaku and a lengthier one to IGN in which they claimed that their reasoning for shutting down their relationship with Smash World Tour was due to concerns over the health and safety of fans. They also added that at no time did they stop SWT from holding their 2022 championship. This was corroborated by a statement released by Panda in which they also sided with Nintendo saying that the decision to shut down SWT 2022 was made solely by SWT.

However, in the new statement released by Smash World Tour, they refuted this saying that they specifically asked Nintendo if they could continue running unlicensed tournaments, to which Nintendo stated that 'those times are over.' They added that they also particularly asked if Nintendo had considered the hardship a cancellation would cause to players and other staff engaged for the SWT 2022, to which they claimed Nintendo communicated that they had considered all possible ramifications and were okay with it. 

What is clear is that someone is lying, as the statements released by Nintendo and Panda are contradictory to what Smash World Tour claim to have happened, and it seems clear that there are still chapters in this saga. 

Also of note was SWT's disappointment with Nintendo's willingness to stand by Panda, who they claimed had tried to sabotage the SWT for ages and that they had told Nintendo about this behavior, to which Nintendo said that they would look into it. 

As it stands, fans are firmly with Smash World Tour and popular YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren, even announced a tournament called 'The Scuffed World Tour' which will feature the 8 highest placing SWT competitors. Of note is the date, 18th December 2022, which also happens to be when the Panda cup is to take place. 

This will continue to develop further as we hopefully anticipate a favorable solution. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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