Smash Ultimate Summit first round of Vote-ins completed

Sebastian Quintanilla
1 min
Smash Ultimate Summit first round of Vote-ins completed
Images courtesy of Smash Ultimate Summit
As promises and continuous livestreams keep on trucking, we have finally seen the first two faces joining the Summit roster later in March.

As is tradition, Smash Ultimate Summit is featuring a voting process for six players to gather the support of the community and secure a spot in the prestigious event taking place in early March in Los Angeles. Two rounds of votes have already happened, with which the bottom 8 players were eliminated. WaDi, Ned, Keen, and DD were the first to be outed from the voting, the very next day sisqui, Riddle, Machu, and Peanut joined them in the side-bench.

Now is when the popularity contest beings to gear up for big moves as the eliminated players cast their support for the remaining players. Yesterday was the first day of voted-in players, those who would punch their ticket to LA thanks to their fanbases.

Voted into the first round, and de-throning who were the runner-ups up until the very last few hours were FURIA's Fatality and Moist Esports' Goblin. Right behind them at the moment of the vote passing were Mexican pro-player Maister and California's Lui$. The latter of which has now received support from the bulk of Goblin's supporters including Riddles and Aaron

At this time it also seems a safe bet to say Maister will make his way into the event, as he sits a comfortable 20k votes above his current vote-in partner, Panda's Marss.