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RIZE Gaming and DashFight will partner

Sebastian Quintanilla
3 min

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RIZE Gaming and DashFight will partner
Rize will be working with DashFight to receive the latest in Fighting Games Analytics and promote FGC

RIZE Gaming currently field players in Tekken 7, Mortal Kombat 11, Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Samurai Shodown. Among their star roster is Nuno “Chickenmaru” Barbosa, a well-known Tekken 7 pro who won the Iron King 4 and Celtic Throwdown in 2019 as well as took 4th places at Clash of the Olympians and Revolver 2019.  

So we reached out to RIZE's founder and current CEO, Mike Reynolds, to better tell you what this team is looking forward to doing in the future. Starting with their overall mission in the FGC space and beyond:

I think the exciting thing about us, is that we're always evolving. It's no secret that many of our rosters are comprised of talent that unearthed from the least expected areas of the community. We're extremely proud of the players who have come through and what they have achieved over a 2 or 3 year period. It's definitely a journey worth investing your time in!

Aside from what we want to achieve in the FGC, a wider ambition is to integrate with all areas of competitive gaming. From competitive rosters to events to content, for us, it's all about being apart of the ecosystem and giving back to the communities that have been good to us, and supported us during our competitive runs.

Mike also touched on why DashFight was his choice of Analytics for RIZE Gaming:

DashFight has shown to have a strong ambition towards the FGC, putting faith in the community's expansion. With Covid-19 having a huge impact, the way we look for new talent has undoubtedly changed. DashFight's application gives us a good insight into many different regions and allows us to notice a wider net of players that are perhaps not yet on our radar.

Pandemic restrictions have meant that there is a greater need for more online tournaments too, and having access to news and information about these tournaments, is a welcome addition. We hope to let the users of DashFight know about our tournaments via the platform in the near future!

We've also wanted to know what are the future goals for the organization in 2021 and beyond:

We've always said that we're keen to cement a legacy of giving hidden talent a chance to showcase their abilities. We strongly believe that by continually learning and growing with the players that we have, we  can keep on that path

We had a very strong Street Fighter roster before Tekken, and with us adding Mortal Kombat in 2020, and expanding our Smash team in 2019, I think we've made it clear to the wider FGC that we intend to replicate our ambitions in other areas! Guilty Gear Strive seems to have got some people's attention so we'll be looking at that soon, but we've also had a keen eye on Virtua Fighter and the potential reboot of that series, which we think would bring a very traditional scene back to the fore.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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