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Riot Shows New Project L Gameplay and explains their Tag system

Sebastian Quintanilla
2 min

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Riot Shows New Project L Gameplay For Their Upcoming Fighting Game
As promised, Riot delivers on their second update to cap off the year with more details on the game's systems and some nice looking gameplay

Riot released a new video, the much-awaited second update, for their upcoming Fighting game under the name Project L. In prior installments of their development blog, they had spoken about the big-picture elements of the game, which is set in the universe of Runterra. This video, however, dives deeper into the core mechanics of the project.

In the six-minute video, we see the first few bits of gameplay of Illaoi, who Riot reports as being in the first few stages of implementation into the game. Further, we get more details about how this Team Tag fighter will function. Shaun Rivera explains that quick and fluid movement is a core philosophy of the project, which jumps (short, long, and super), dashes, chain dashes, walks, and sprints all being in the game, including unique movement abilities for champions.

The other key Focuses Shaun mentioned was to reward proactive attacking gameplay, incentivizing players to go on the attack more often. As well as explaining the move away from their originally planned 1v1 fights into a team tag. The way the assists will work is through three options. An Assists Actions, Handshake Tag, and Dynamic Saves. Each champion has two assists actions and one charged assists action, which they can perform from off-screen. Handshake Tag immediately switches over to the new champion, which can be done alongside an assist action. Dynamic Saves are combo breakers, allowing you to escape if timed correctly.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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