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Reject Fight Night Round 2 Results: Daigo's Team Wins it All!

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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Reject Fight Night Round 2 Results: Daigo's Team Wins it All!
The Street Fighter legend was the winning coach as his team were able to run the gauntlet and win a grueling grand final

Daigo Umerhara and his team of Vtubers and streamers were the winners of the Reject Fight Night Round 2 tournament.

Reject is a esports organization that have rosters in various games and recently came into the fighting game scene. They recruited Haitani and even more importantly, got Tokido to join their roster back in July. 

The Reject Fight Night, like the Crazy Racoon Cup, is a tournament that pits pro players, Vtubers, and gaming streamers against one another in a team battle format to see who will be the winner. 

This is a trend that has really picked up in Japan and it has led to a lot of views and interest for Street Fighter 6 from casual viewers as some of the biggest streamers in Japan have been involved in these tournaments.

For the first Fight Night, Tokido's team won, but he wasn't one of the participants this time around which was a little strange considering the fact that he is a member of the team.

The way the format works is that there are four groups with five players; four Vtubers and streamers, and one pro player who acts as the coach. The teams then play each other in a round robin format with the top two teams playing in the grand final. For each match, the first four players will face each other in first to two sets, and then the pro player/coaches then face each other. Each individuals win counts as a point for the team, while each match won counts as a single match win. 

The four players who acted as coaches this time were: Daigo, Kakeru, Fuudo, and Shuto.

Reject Fight Night Round 2 Teams

Team A Team B Team C Team D
Amaki Pururu SPYGEA Shinji-san Akami Karubi
Kenki SHAKA Obo Rikkaloid
Inui Shinichiro Futon-chan Donpisha Sasatikk
Taiji Oonuki Koku-nii Ariken
Umehara (Daigo) Kakeru Fuudo Shuto

Daigo and his team completed the first round with two wins and a defeat. They garnered 10 points in total and they were followed by Kakeru's team who garnered 8 points. This meant it was a Daigo vs Kakeru grand final. 

Kakeru had been getting the better of Daigo all day, so it was actually Daigo's team mates that carried him.

The Grand Final was a unique affair as it was a first-to-eight. This means that each win by a team member was counted as one win and the first team to reach 8 wins was declared the winner. While Daigo kept losing to Kakeru, his team mates, especially the Vtuber, Pururu, was a constant source of points. 

Eventually, it was Taiji using JP that defeated Onuki's Chun li. This was remarkable as Nuki is one of the fighting game gods from Japan. However, he was last active in the FGC way back back in Third Strike. So while still an incredible player, he isn't at the level of the current crop of pro players. 

It was interesting to note that a lot of the participants were either Platinum or Master rank as they had all improved in the time in which they were coached by pro players and are now really good players themselves. 

These sorts of tournaments are generally really good for the FGC and it'll be interesting if such interest can be drummed up for Mortal Kombat 1 and Tekken 8. MK1 is banned in Japan, but maybe other regions might take up interest in these sorts of events. 

It is likely that there will be other Reject Fight Nights and it is expected that there will be more pro players involved. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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