Red Bull Sheds Light on Daigo's Fearsome Guile

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Red Bull Sheds Light on Daigo's Fearsome Guile
How did switching away from Ryu help Daigo to once again become a beast?

Daigo Umehara might be one of the world's most well-known fighting game players. Daigo has shown consistently good performance across several generations of fighting games. Combined with his charisma and indomitable mindset, it cemented his legendary status.

Throughout his Street Fighter career, Daigo used a variety of characters to stay competitive, but he was always known for his Ryu. However, it wasn't until Street Fighter IV that his Ryu became truly iconic. Unfortunately, with the release of Street Fighter V, his loyalty to Ryu has cost him greatly, with his placements dropping way below the usual expectations.

What did he do to overcome it, and why did it work? Red Bull Gaming answered this and many other questions in their new video that provides an in-depth analysis of Daigo's journey in Street Fighter V.