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Punk is the Final CPT Online Winner!

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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Punk is the Final CPT Online Winner!
The Online CPT Qualifiers for Capcom Cup IX Come To A Fitting End

Punk once referred to himself a the 'definition of clutch,' and he has shown once again why he is considered one of the best Street Fighter players ever. Punk has now qualified for the Capcom Cup taking place next year with a convincing win over Space Boy in the Grand Final of the CPT NA East which is also the last one before Capcom Cup

Punk went through an incredible run in what can be considered one of the most difficult brackets ever. Punk defeated iDom, NuckleDu, Shine, Kami, and Space Boy, to make it into Capcom Cup

Top 16 started off with some surprises as we found that Punk, NYCFurby, and NuckleDu were all already in losers. Meanwhile, winners featured Space Boy, Kami, Zonk, iDom, and several other top players. iDom was soon sent to losers and was knocked out by Punk to claim his place in top 8.

Punk would reset the bracket against Space Boy and win 3-1 to cap off a memorable weekend.  

Top 8 North America East

Punk's win means that he will be at the final Capcom Cup for Street Fighter V. During his winner's interview, Punk revealed that his mentality going into this tournament was greatly helped by Angry Bird, who told him that the most important thing was to play his best and that if he was satisfied with how well he had played, he would have nothing to regret. He also mentioned MenaRD advising him to stick with Luke which Punk did to his great credit. 

Asked if there was anyone he was looking forward to fighting, he noted that he would like to fight against Crimson again. The two share a friendly rivalry unlike what he has with iDom, who he said he would have loved to gatekeep from making it into Capcom Cup by winning the World Warrior series or at least ensuring he lost out. 

It does seem that with his win, he would not be entering the World Warrior events anymore. 

Now we can turn our attention to the World Warrior finals, which will take place over the course of this month, to get the rest of the entrants into Capcom Cup. There are still some notable names missing which will ensure that there is a lot of excitement going into the World Warrior finals. One person who has qualified though is EndingWalker, who won his World Warrior Final and is officially the youngest qualifier for Capcom Cup at 16. Oil King also has qualified and will join NL as representatives of their region.

Capcom Cup IX will take place between the 14th and 19th of February 2023.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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