Mortal Kombat X and other WB's games Steam discount

Ilya Kravtsov
Sep 25 20201 min
Mortal Kombat X and other WB's games Steam discount
Discount will last until 28 September

The most famous online gaming store in the world is currently on sale for games published by Warner Bros. Thanks to this, you can get really big discounts.

In particular, there is a 75% discount on Mortal Kombat X. The promotion will last until September 28.

The sale is announced on Steam and also includes:

  • Mad Max (-75%)
  • Shadow of War (-80%), Shadow of Mordor (-50%)
  • Injustice gods among us (80%) Injustice 2 (75%)
  • Batman Arkham Origins (-75%), Batman Arkham Knights (-75%), Batman Arkham Asylum (-75%), Batman Arkham City (-75%)
    Gauntlet Slayer Edition (-75%)
  • LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 (-75%), LEGO Super DC Villians (75%), LEGO Marvel Avengers (-75%), LEGO The Incredibles (-75%), LEGO Batman beyond Gotham (-75%), LEGO Lord of the Rings (-75%), LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (-75%), LEGO The Hobbit (-75%),
  • F.E.A.R. 2 (-75%), F.E.A.R. 3  (-75%)
  • BATMAN Arkham VR (-50%), Westworld (-50%)

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