Mortal Kombat 11 Kollector Guide Featuring DeAdLyxReBeL

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Guide by DeAdLyxReBeL
Reap the souls of your enemies with this Kollector guide

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate features a very large collection of characters. They all have their own frame data, strengths, weaknesses, and specifics. Pro-players tend to learn these the best they can. And not only for their mains, but those of their opponents too. Frankly, even if you may not be aiming towards the top-8 finish at Evo this year, learning the basics and working your way through the roster can pave the way to a more enjoyable competitive experience.

Since everyone at DashFight wants to give you all the tools you will need to improve, we've partnered with the one and only Ryan "DeAdLyxReBeL" Burns to provide you with the best Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Kollector guide. You can view the full video right below and go over any of the individual sections right here in the text guide. 

DeAdLyxReBeL's Kollector Guide

DeAdLyxReBeL's Kollector Guide

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Kollector's Best Buttons

The Best Buttons are the key moves for the character. You should try to use them whenever the opportunity presents itself since they offer the best neutral, anti-air, and pressure value.

  • 1 – Just 8 frames, used for punishes and combo-starters, has great stagger on block.

  • 2 – One of the best anti-air moves in the game. Lowers his hurtbox, so the opponents can’t hit him.

  • F1 – A good low that’s only -1 and a really good stagger. Very hit-confirmable.

  • D3 – A great poking tool that can check people that are trying to use a backdash or other movements.

  • D4 – Really similar to D3, but it’s better on block.

  • B2 – A decent stagger with good pushback, and it’s only 10 frames.

  • D2 – The best D2 in the entire game. They jump – you use it and it will work.

  • 4 – Ranged high-hitting button, easy to hit-confirm.

  • F3 – Long-range kick that can be used to gapclose. Only -5 on block.

Kollector’s Best Variations

Players have the option to select their own Variations in tournament settings, so here are DeAdLyxReBeL’s Kollector ones:

  • Bag Bomb (DF1)

  • Demonic Clutch (DBF3)

  • Fade Out (DD3)

Kollector’s Gameplan

We no longer live in the times of smashing buttons and spamming that one combo we learned five years ago. Nowadays, to stay competitive, you have to go into each match with a Gameplan to carry through to victory. As Kollector, you really want to stay mid-range, where most of your best buttons can hit, and your opponents can’t retaliate.

Kollector’s Best Strings

Single buttons won’t win you the match, so you need to memorize these best strings to win:

  • 1, 3 – Main punish-starter. Even if they block it, they’re -2 with slight pushback.

  • 1, 3, 1 – A longer version of the string above. Can serve well against the opponents that want to check you after the pushback, so you can catch them out. Only -6 on block.

  • F1, 2 – The best shimmy-string, easy to hit-confirm.

  • 2, 1+3 – Anti-air into KB.

  • B2, 3 – Fastest string to check the opponent. Good anti-mashing tool.

  • F3, 1 & F3, 1, 2 & F3, 1, 2, 3 – Various mindgamy extension on his solid F3 move. Can be unsafe to use.

Kollector’s Bread and Butter Combos

Knowing how to adapt to the changing landscape of a fight is important. That is why Combos play a crucial role in letting you shape it and extract the most out of your inputs. Here are the combos you should be looking to pull off:

  • F1, 2, BF4, AMP, FJ2, 4, 4, 3, FJ2, F2, 2, DB3

  • 4, 4, 3, FJ2, 1, 3, BF4, AMP, FJ2, F4, DB3

  • 4, 4, 3, D2, D1, DB3

  • 4, 4, 3, FJ2, F2, 2, DBF3

  • 4, 4, 3, D2, 1, 2, DB3

  • 4, 4, 3, D2, D1, DBF3

  • F2, 2, BF4, AMP,  FJ2, 4, 4, 3, D2, D1, DB3

  • 4, 4, 3, FJ2, 1, 3, BF4, AMP, J2, F4, DB3

  • 4, 4, 3, FJ2, D1, 1, B2, 3, DBF3

  • 4, 4, 3, FJ3, D1, B2, 3, DBF3

  • 4, 4, 3, F3, BF4, AMP, J2, F4, DB3

  • F1, 2, BF4, AMP, J2, 4, 4, 3, FJ2, D1, 1, B2, 3, DBF3

  • 4, 4, 3, F3, BF4, AMP, FJ2, F4, DB3

  • 4, 4, 3, F3, BF4, AMP, FJ2, F4, DF1

  • 2, BF4, AMP, FJ2, 4, 4, 3, FJ2 , F2, 2, DB3

  • 2, BF4, AMP, FJ2, F4, DB3

  • 1, F1, 3, BF4, AMP, FJ2, 4, 4, 3, FJ1

  • D1, F1, 3, BF4, AMP, FJ2, 4, 4, 3, F2, 2, DB3

  • D1, F1, 3, BF4, AMP, FJ2, 4, 4, 3, F2, 2, DBF3 

Kollector’s Weaknesses

As much as people want their mains to be very strong and all-powerful, you can’t have a video game fighter without weaknesses. This is obviously the case for Kollector, too.

  • Despite his anti-air being great with the options like 2 and D2, his weakness is whiffing when the opponent is jumping and not getting a confirm.

  • Although his poke game is strong, he really struggles with getting out of pressure. His fastest poke is 8 frames and -6 on block.

Kollector’s Guide Conclusion

Kollector as an MK11 character is a peculiar case. While he doesn’t have many overpowered tools like some other members of the roster possess, he also doesn’t suffer much in terms of weaknesses. With the help of this guide, you can learn the intricacies of him as a character, which, when coupled with the general unfamiliarity of the playerbase with him, can lead to some great results.