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More Details on Loki in Brawlhalla Revealed

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More Details on Loki in Brawlhalla Revealed
Pic Source: Brawlhalla on YouTube
Is it fair to take such a giant snake to the fights?

Brawlhalla fans have been eating well recently. We enjoy lots of esports tournaments, from community events to official Championships. The amount of content we get within the game is also super impressive, and it goes beyond just cosmetic items — up to new weapons (Battle Boots) and new Legends.

Loki is exactly part of that mass of new content. The character was revealed right before the Autumn Championship, and some details were explained at the recent Dev Stream. Would you like to take a look?

Loki in Brawlhalla | Skins and Features Revealed

Okay, something around an hour-long video is great and everything (especially when you get viewership rewards for watching it live). But in our quick and busy world, it’s also nice to have the possibility to check out a quick recap. Swirft, a content creator from Kingdom eSports, has a perfect solution for this:

Loki in BrawlhallaSwirft’s Quick Recap

  • Loki has pretty interesting stats, with a high focus on Dexterity (8 bars). Defense and Speed have 5 bars, and Strength has only four.

  • The skins include Arcane Loki, THNX Researcher Loki, and Outlaw Loki.

  • Katars Down Signature is grabbing an opponent with the chained weapon and then attacking them with a huge snake. NSig creates an attacking energy right above Loki. Side Sig looks like a powerful KO tool.

  • Scythe Down Sig has active input — it’s an upward attack, and you can decide where Loki ends it, above (on a soft platform, if it is there) or on the ground. Neutral Signature with scythe is grabbing an opponent and throwing them away. Side Sig with scythe involves summoning the snake and jumping-attacking from it.

If those “Sigs” terms sound weird to you, please check out our Brawlhalla Beginners Guide.

What do you think about this set of Signatures for Scythe and Katars?

The release date is still a secret. But knowing Brawlhalla patterns, it shouldn’t take long. We’ll get Loki to the platformer fights long before the Autumn Royale.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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