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MBTL: Blitz Blood Melter #6 Results

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MBTL: Blitz Blood Melter #6 Results
Pic Source: KikohoSSBM on Twitch
It’s a monthly online qualifier of the PSA Circuit 2

This tournament was interesting for a few reasons. First of all, we at DashFight love Melty Blood and sure follow esports tournaments for this game. Also, Blitz Blood Melter is part of a big league, and fights for the standing points are especially exciting. For this specific 6th tournament, we could see four(!)  Mario Gallo Bestino players in Top 8. Do you remember Mario-madness at ECT 2023? Well, we have more of it here.

But enough words. Let’s enjoy matches! This post contains the results and a list of all characters in Top 8.

MBTL Esports | Blitz Blood Melter #6

OmniSScythe finished 2nd at a couple of recent tournaments: Blitz Blood Melter #5 and PSA Circuit 2 Qualifier #4. A break of such a pattern was needed.

This tournament did not start too well for the player. OmniSScythe fell to Losers after the Quarter-Final vs MPGame (yep, one of Marios). But in the Top 8 part, Powered Ciel of OmniSScythe was (almost) unstoppable. That exact Mario was defeated in the Losers Final.

In the Grand Final, OmniSScythe faced Nega and defeated Miyako Arima quite confidently in the first match. The Grand Final Reset was much tougher — OmniSScythe claimed the victory only in the decisive game.

MBTL Blitz Blood Melter #6 | Results

1. OmniSScythe Powered Ciel
2. Nega Miyako Arima, Mash Kyrielight
3. MPGame Mario
4. blitzsprite Red Arcueid
5. Jaykom Mario
5. MadeInHeaven Saber
7. Kirby Mario
7. Vivian Mario

PSA Circuit 2 leads to the Final event PSA Summit 2, which is planned for March 9-10, 2024. To get a spot, Melty Blood: Type Lumina players should earn points in many online events or win one of offline major qualifiers.

The next bi-weekly PSA Circuit 2 Qualifier happens on December 2. An offline event HoG: Darkside features MBTL on December 9.

As for a major qualifier, we should wait for Frosty Faustings XVI, January 26-28.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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