Learn How to Play Tekken 7 with Anakin

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Learn How to Play Tekken 7 with Anakin
Red Bull
Red Bull and the esports professional launch the educational series for beginners and experienced players - Class In Session: Anakin's TEKKEN Academy

Playing Tekken 7 is quite an art. The game is accessible for beginners but at the same time, it is super deep and offers an amazing space for self-improvement. Good guidance in this way is great support. It will help avoid bitter mistakes and demonstrate your true potential in competitive matches. And what is a better way than learning from professionals?

Hoa “Anakin” Luu and Red Bull have announced a series of video lessons that teach the game basics and explain some advanced tricks. The first episode is out on July 23 on the official page of Red Bull TV. There will be six weekly episodes in total.

Students will get their homework to practice some new things and they will be able to ask questions during Live Streams on the Twitch channel of Anakin. The first stream is planned for July 24.

With Class In Session: Anakin's TEKKEN Academy, the player wants to help newcomers to know the game better and remove annoying bad habits that prevent experienced guys from moving forward. Anakin got similar support as a small kid in arcades, so now he is determined to continue the line and bring a new wave of enthusiastic players into the fighting games community.

Tekken 7 is really a challenging game! If you need some theory before the lessons start, take a look at our Tekken 7 guide for beginners.

Another pro player, RsKyLuck has joined the esports organization Brutal Democracy - we may expect interesting gaming content from him as well.