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Jake 'n' Bake Beats out 19 other Streamers in SF6 For AT&T Cup

Femi Famutimi
3 min

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Jake 'n' Bake Wins Street Fighter 6 AT&T Annihilator Cup
In a world of modern controls, one man stuck to the fighting game basics and won big

Jake 'n' Bake was the winner of the Street Fighter 6 tournament at the ongoing AT&T Annihilator Cup after a 2-1 Grand Final win over Lirik in a fun-to-watch competition among top streamers.

The AT&T Annihilator Cup is in its 3rd iteration after getting started in 2021 which was incidentally won by Jake 'n' Bake and featured five games across different genres. 

This year's edition features four games: Apex Legends, Fortnite, Street Fighter 6, and CS:GO. The winner over the the four games will win a whopping $100,000 which is a tidy amount. 

The way the AT&T Annihilator Cup works is that each week, 20 of the biggest streamers in the world will partake in competitionn over a game with their placement giving them points which affects their final placement. The streamer at the top at the end of the four weeks is the winner. 

The AT&T Annihilator Cup is a great way through which people have been introduced to the FGC. Last year's edition was a lot of fun as some of the top streamers really started to appreciate how hard fighting games are and the skill required to play it. Last year was also the first time Street Fighter was featured as Street Fighter V was the game of choice then. This year's edition understandably went for Street Fighter 6 and most of the competitors were able to make use of Modern controls. 

Interestingly, Jake 'n' Bake made use of Classic controls and was able to use some patient play to defeat Lirik who was making use of Ryu on Modern controls. While most of the players were not well versed in fighting games, they were able to put on a show and show some well-thought out strategies. 

The addition of Modern controls was perfect for a trounament like this as it enabled the players to do more flashy moves with less skill, but it also helped them focus more on strategy than simply trying to pull-off moves. This meant that we did not see a mash fest which it could have degenerated into if the right tools were unavailable. 

Jake's win gives him 25 points and puts him in second place on the final standings with 42 points just behind iiTzTimmy who is on 50 points. Jake also won $5000 as the winner and MVP in the Street Fighter tournament. The AT&T Annihilator Cup will come to an end next week when the players will compete in CS:GO.

The tournament has traditionally been won by players with some fighting game background. Last year, the Street Fighter V tournament was won by DoubleLift, and in his winner's interview, Jake said that he has been playing Street Fighter since Street Fighter 4, which gives him some advantage over the others in the competition who have less experience. 

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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