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Introducing DashFight Awards 2023!

Elizbar Ramazashvili
5 min

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Introducing DashFight Awards 2023!
Vote for your favorite games, players, and moments of 2023!

We at DashFight are incredibly happy to present you with the second edition of our annual awards show – DashFight Awards 2023. As always, we want to celebrate all the global achievements of the FGC this year – best players, games, content creators, and more!

As we mentioned last year, for a long time, we felt that FGC needed an award ceremony to commemorate the greatness achieved throughout the year and encourage players and organizers alike to strive to do even better.

Our jury panel, composed of editorial and content staff members, has selected the nominees and cast their votes. Now is the time for the audience to help decide on the winner of each category. Voting will take place from December 18 to December 27. The winners will be announced on December 29 by some of the most popular and recognizable faces in FGC.

You also have a chance to win a copy of your favorite fighting game: Follow us on X (formerly Twitter), then Like, Comment, and Retweet the announcement below to enter the giveaway, three lucky winners of which will receive a single copy of the game they choose: Street Fighter 6, Mortal Kombat 1, or Tekken 8.

Award for the best match in any fighting game across the top level of competition. These will go down in history!

  • AngryBird vs MenaRD (Evo 2023 Street Fighter 6 Grand Finals)

  • Hikari vs Yasha (Evo 2023 DBFZ Grand Finals)

  • Kakeru v Tokido (Evo 2023 Street Fighter 6 Losers Quarters)

  • Xiaohai vs E.T. (Evo 2023 KOFXV Grand Finals)

  • Arslan Ash vs Knee (Combo Breaker 2023 Tekken 7 Grand Finals)

Tournament of the Year

Award for the best tournament we had this year in any game at any event. Pick out something truly special and timeless!

  • Tekken World Tour Finals 2022

  • Capcom Cup IX

  • Street Fighter 6 at Evo 2023

  • BCX 2023 - Singles

  • Melty Blood: Type Lumina at Evo 2023

Publisher Pro Tour of the Year

Award for the best publisher circuit, the one that had you the most excited with its matches and storylines!

  • SNK World Championship 2023

  • DBFZ World Tour 2023-2024

  • Tekken World Tour 2023

  • Mortal Kombat Pro Kompetition 2023-24

  • Capcom Pro Tour 2023

Event of the Year

Award for the best overall event of the year, the one with the most hype tournaments and cool atmosphere!

  • Evo 2023

  • Combo Breaker 2023

  • CEO 2023

  • ECT 2023

  • UFA 2023

Content Creator of the Year

Award for the best content creator of the year, someone who amazed you with their quality, research, and presentation.

  • Brian_F

  • Sajam

  • Rooflemonger

  • GuileWinQuote

  • TheoryFighter

Commentator of the Year

Award for the best commentator of the year. Good luck picking just one of these amazing casters that gave us some truly special moments.

  • Tasty Steve

  • Yipes

  • Sajam

  • Vicious

  • Damascus

🥲 of the Year

Award for the biggest fail, the biggest moment that you wish never happened, the one that made you cringe on the inside.

  • Just Stop Oil at EGX Tekken 7 Event

  • KoF XIII Global Match launch only on PS4 and Switch

  • Mortal Kombat 1 launch with issues

  • Tekken 8 Beta cracked

  • Red Bull Kumite losers interviews

FGC Team or Organization of the Year

Award for the best team or organization in the FGC. The one that signed the most players, or helped their roster the most.

  • Rize Gaming

  • NASR Esports

  • DRX

  • Hit Box Arcade

  • FlyQuest

Breakthrough Player of the Year

Award for the player who rose to prominence and was shining the brightest while doing it. Your new FGC star.

  1. Kakeru (Street Fighter 6)

  2. Genghis D0n (Tekken 7)

  3. Hikari (DBFZ)

  4. yuz (Brawlhalla)

  5. Kayne (Street Fighter 6)

Player of the Year

Award for the ultimate best FGC player of the year. Only real legends on this list!

  • Arslan Ash

  • Xiaohai

  • Angry Bird

  • MenaRD

  • Leffen

Ongoing Game of the Year

Award for the best ongoing game of the year, the one with the most publisher support, or the most thriving community.

  • Tekken 7

  • The King of Fighters XV

  • Killer Instinct

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ

  • Guilty Gear -STRIVE-

Most Anticipated Upcoming Game

Award for the game you all are looking forward to the most!

  • Tekken 8

  • Project L


  • Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

  • Rivals 2

Fighting Game of the Year

Award for the ultimate fighting game released this year. Two titans and several underdogs, who will you pick?!

  • Street Fighter 6

  • Mortal Kombat 1

  • Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2

  • Idol Showdown

  • Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising

Join us in celebrating the Fighting Games Community, its values, and its success!

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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