Heera Malik wins Lockdown Brawl by FATE Esports

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Heera Malik wins Lockdown Brawl by FATE Esports
That was an online Tekken 7 tournament for pro players from Pakistan.

It is amazing to see how one game inspires people from all over the world to develop their skills and demonstrate amazing miracles on the virtual fighting grounds. In the period when physical events are still impossible, the Tekken community participates in online tournaments - we witnessed Streamer Battle by Twitch Korea and Lockdown Brawl by FATE Esports. The latter was organized for players in Pakistan.

That was a pretty long event with plenty of good fights. It’s no surprise that Arslan "Arslan Ash" Siddique, the winner of EVO Japan 2019 reached the Grand Final. His opponent was a young player, Heera Malik.

The full stream of FATE Esports Lockdown Brawl:

FATE Esports Lockdown Brawl

Arslan Ash picked Eliza - he is practicing with the vampire girl right now. Only for the final game, he switched to Kazumi. Heera Malik played as Steve.

After a hot fight with very good moments from both sides, Heera Malik managed to win the final round and the whole tournament.

Guys, do you like seeing new esports stars shining at small tournaments and then making their way to the global scene? Then probably we should notice Heera and follow his career. 

Here is the moment of his victory: