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Heatwave 2023 in Brawlhalla. What to Get?

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Heatwave 2023 in Brawlhalla. What to Get?
Pic Source: Brawlhalla on YouTube
The seasonal event offers some pretty cool items

Do you choose items specifically for your main Brawlhalla Legend? Or do you play a Legend you have awesome items for?

Brawlhalla has around three more weeks of Battle Pass Classic 2: Synthwave Reloaded and around two more weeks of Competitive Season 28. While these events motivate us to play the core modes more, we also have a rather cosmetics-related excitement — the Heatwave event is up and running. What items would you add to your inventory?

The biggest gem in the Heatwave 2023 items collection is traditionally a character skin. This year’s exclusive is Cockatiel Munin. The bird’s new style looks pretty epic!

Exclusive skins from the previous Heatwaves are also here — for Mammoth Coins, sure.

  • Sea Krait Nai
  • Vraxxy Jones
  • Deep Sea Lucien
  • Riptide Petra
  • Beachside Zariel
  • Thor by the Shore
  • Brawl Dad Isaiah
  • Wipeout Nix
  • Pool Party Diana
  • Water Wars Cross
  • Island Azoth
  • Hotshot Vector
  • Dog Days Mordex
  • Atlantean Orion

Other Heatwave items to pay attention to are:

  • Heatwave 2023 Podium
  • Hot Lava KO Effect
  • Endless Heat Wave Avatar

Some of the seasonal items can be bought for in-game Gold.

  • Ice Kor-eam Avatar — for 6,000
  • Heatwave Colors — for 1,500 per Legend

As usual during events, Brawlhalla gives 250 extra Gold as a daily login bonus. A free title is Heatwave Hero.

Cosmetic items are a great way to customize your experience in Brawlhalla and express your unique personality. Sure, it’s also significant support for further development of the game.

Most esports professionals use skins and other items pretty actively. We could see them at such events as BAM 2023 in Australia and DreamHack Dallas 2023. We certainly will see a lot of them during soon-coming DreamHack Valencia, on July 7-9.

This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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