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Guilty Gear Strive at VSFighting XI: Zato Time

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Guilty Gear Strive at VSFighting XI: Zato Time
Shadowy madness in the mirror Grand Final

This tournament is another big qualifying event for the Arc World Tour. And it’s totally great, as the prospect of getting a spot in the Finals attracted many prominent competitors. Viewers at VSFighting XI got an amazing fighting esports show.

It’s actually the third qualifier in Europe — Slash won the Brussels Challenge, and Zando became the Champion at Headstomper (Sweden). But the participants of VSFighting XI are surely not limited to just Europeans. Travel across the ocean for this win or at least league points? Yes, of course!

Guilty Gear Strive at VSFighting XI: Stream, Top 8

Top 8 started with just a mind-blowing mirror fight, Zato-1 vs Zato-1. It was super close, and only in the very last round, Setchi defeated Jonathan Tene. This wasn’t their last fight at VSFighting XI, though.

In the parallel bracket, Tiger_Pop kind of took revenge for Happy Chaos. Sol Badguy of UMISHO was defeated, despite having an advantage in the beginning. Still, Happy Chaos wasn’t that successful in the Winners Final vs Zato-1.

Jonathan Tene had two pretty confident victories on the Losers side. And he quickly reached the set point in the Losers Final. Tiger_Pop managed to bring the match to the decisive game, but it was Jonathan Tene who proceeded to the Grand Final.

Guilty Gear Strive at VSFighting XI: Stream, Grand Final

We rarely see mirror Grand Finals, and this one was a continuation of the Semi’s madness. Mythical creatures were flying across the stage, and the players were exchanging good moments. But eventually, Jonathan Tene dominated in every game. He reset the bracket 3:0.

Setchi fought really well in the Grand Final Reset, but one won game obviously wasn’t enough.

Jonathan Tene is the Guilty Gear Strive Champion at VSFighting XI. Congratulations!

Guilty Gear Strive Characters at VSFighting XI

7. SWW_Rycroft

7. Razzo

5. Jetstream


4. Dejojo

3. Tiger_Pop

2. Setchi

1. Jonathan Tene

Top Moments

A super close Zato-1 mirror match in the Winners Semi-Final.

2 overdrives by Happy Chaos of Tiger_Pop.

No problem if a miraculous one-pixel clutch doesn’t happen this round. The Winners Final may be won in the next one!

Jonathan Tene makes it from losing the Semi to resetting the Grand Final against the same opponent and winning the tournament.

Two next Arc World Tour events happen on one weekend, on September 22-24:

  • ARCREVO Japan 2023
  • CEOtaku

Stay tuned to DashFight for everything GGST esports.

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This material was created with the support of our Patrons. You can support us!

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